Tuesday, November 2, 2010

100 lbs.

What is in a 100 lb suitcase? The older I get and the more trips I make, these become a quandary for me. My back complains when my eyes register the size and weight, the wisdom of the years beckons and pleads with me to revise and reduce. So we get to the ticket counter this morning and the bag registers exactly 100 lbs. The ticket lady says if it registers 100 lbs, they cannot take it. What is up with that? So the magic number is 99.5? I guess so, and of course we have packed carefully. Time for an adjustment, she says what’s in the bag? I open the side of the suitcase and a mound of candy sticks peers out at us. Okay, now human nature kicks in, what child is going to be denied a piece of candy? We can’t take that out. Verses for the children’s classes on strips of paper are the next thing I set my eyes on, what child will be denied their verses? We took a handful and Jim says; “That will go with me!”
The bag now registers 99.5 lbs. The ticket lady was happy, she didn’t want to be the person to disqualify a 100 lb bag to touch all those children. So what is in a 100 lb suitcase, as much as possible to meet as many needs as possible, to spread as much hope as possible. We pack every bag with the same criteria, everything we can get in will meet some need for some desperate struggling life at a very critical moment. So regardless of the wisdom of my mind, I look to the strength still in my bones and say; “Lift!” As long as we can go and make a difference, as long as the way is paved, we will carry on. Thank you to all who continue to labor along with us, who carry the torch either by contributing or by going. Together we are making a difference. Thankfully God measures success far differently than we! We are safely on the ground in Miami. Over halfway to our destination. Rob and the bus are on their way, it is nice being able to text back and forth now, technology is amazing in it’s ablity to connect us when were worlds apart! Julie has now joined us safely, came in through the gate we all go out on! Miracles never cease, and these journey’s always remind me of how so intricately God goes before us! Never fear! Blessings until later.

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