Friday, November 12, 2010


Every time I arrive back home from one of these trips, things happen. I awoke this morning to discover my driver's license, bank card and credit card were all missing. After looking for two hours, I finally left for work, on my way I canceled both the cards and made preparation to go get a new drivers license. I'm still fighting a terrible cold and weariness. I never ask God why, it's never been a practice of mine. At this stage of my life I also know that when we reach out as God's hand, we are picking a good fight. Normally I feel pretty prepared, but today I was whipped. But then a blessing came along, a gas station down state had found my cards and had called our home to leave a message. I called them and my stuff is on it's way via mail. I didn't feel like posting tonight even though I knew I should. And this will be short, but I felt it important to let everyone know we were back, we were safe, and God is providing in the midst of our circumstances here just like He does in Haiti. I never want people to feel they have to go 2000 miles from home, into desolation and starvation to see the handiwork of God, He works in mighty ways right in the everyday place of our lives. Like He did in protecting my ID yesterday and today. You can't get that kind of insurance anywhere! Please continue to pray for the Cholera outbreak in Haiti, we didn't see anything to alarm us while we were there, and to a point I am glad, we didn't need that as we are not doctors and nurses, but the outbreak continues to spread, and people are dying. Matter of fact, one of the places I was trying to take Julie was Haute St. Marc, I found out tonight that 60 have died there in the last couple of days, thankfully we were turned away from there and now I know why. Robinson said tonight that there are so many in the hospitals now that people are being turned away. I told him to run our well and give out as much water as possible. When there is electricity, that is no problem, when there is not, we have a generator, but that takes gas to run, so they are only able to run it when there is adequate money for fuel. This is another provision I am working on as well. I told him to get the people fresh water, to get everyone in our area coming for drinking water from our well. While we were there last week I figure we gave away enough water to furnish between 164,000-175,000 cups of water. (It passed the coliform test perfectly again!) It is simply amazing what God has brought to pass the last year! So tonight rejoice in your life, God's life in you, take heart, He moves! All is not lost! Behold, we are found! Blessings.

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don said...

Welcome home Haiti team. I am so glad to hear of your great work and heart. God bless you with rest and healing as you live in the Matrix (world), but not of it!

Don Spachman