Thursday, November 11, 2010


These posts often stay pretty serious, I try to thread in some humor, but there is a pretty steady flow of personal trauma going on. I ran into a nurse yesterday and there are 500 hundred cases of Cholera in the main St. Marc hospital. I don’t know the full report, there is a pretty good cover-up going on leading up to the elections on the 28th of this month. Many of the medical staff is reporting that the Cholera is not under control at all. Robinson is doing a training seminar in his hometown in the countryside this weekend. He was planning to do it last weekend, but the hurricane made him cancel his plans. He is concerned for the country people. They lack knowledge and proper understanding to help them fend off the risk of getting the disease. A pastors wife died in the mountains last week, the Cholera dumps your fluids so fast, that often they cannot get to the hospital fast enough. Apparently there are pretty decent supplies at this moment, but if you are too far away from the help, it does you no good. She was dead in a 24-hour period. That said, there are also many great belly-rolling moments. The other night Rob and I had stopped by the house late, and as I stood in the kitchen and big rat ran along the wall and into the room where several of the Haitian girls sleep. I told him, and he said I know. I said are you going to kill it, he said don’t worry about it! So last night Beth and I were finishing up cleaning up in the bathroom and heard a terrible shriek, we could tell it was Naromie. The house erupted and I knew the rat had been spotted. Those crazy Haitians went after that rat with a vengeance. Meckson showed up with a plastic bat and they finally cornered the critter and he killed him with that bat! It was hilarious to watch. Rob had been lying on the couch and never moved until the rat was finished off. Then he quietly got up and walked around behind his wife, reached down and pinched her leg as she was previewing the dead rat. She jumped and the house fell apart again. She got right after him! It was hilarious! We had a good laugh at her expense, but she took it with a good sense of humor. It’s nice to have breaks from the seemingly unending drama that floods the lives of these people. In the midst of all the bad, God’s grace freely flows and even the difficult things are often laced with goodness and a bit of a reprieve from the constancy of the struggle. God is good all the time, while we fail, He never does! Blessings always. 

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