Sunday, November 7, 2010

Bragging Rights

Day five is closing in. Preparations for Sunday are well under way. We had a good day. So much happens, but s-l-o-w-l-y. When you do the calculations at days end, you realize just how much you have accomplished, and then there is the stuff you cannot see or measure. Today was extraordinarily hot! The humidity was through the roof, literally. I need to take a moment to brag on Bob and Ray; they have worked hard and steady. Besides the benches being done tonight, they have four specially constructed shelving units ready for varnish. For their break we put them in the line after children’s service to pass out the craft albeit in chairs! We had right at 500 today. It can be a bit rowdy at moments, but these kids are delighted with the smallest things. The girls have the food thing flowing like a river now, through all the twists and turns of the day they have been wonderfully efficient. The new stove and cooking pan we brought in this time have been a big plus. Tomorrow we will pause, it’s Sunday, and we will try to get our second wind. This trip has been a first for me; I have fought against an irritating and draining cold. It has really been tail whipping me. Jim has been more than my right hand man, steady and diligent and untiring, I would have been in Dutch without him. It has allowed me to work on some other things though this time. And I hope to spend an encouragement session with the leadership of the church in the next couple of days. In times past my attention has been required fully on projects, limiting my interaction with the leadership. This has been able to change some this trip. I have also been able to start to fully construct an orphanage budget, and see the working dynamics in action. Being placed there the last two nights because of the storm has actually been a blessing in disguise. (We’ll be glad to get back to the cooler sleeping in the tent tomorrow night.) By now news has covered the fact that Tomas was directed around Haiti for the most part. We are thankful, but to tell you the truth there are so many more dire circumstances here, it was hard to be overly focused on the Hurricane, or whatever it turned out to be. Today was business as usual; the waters abated over night, and except for the raging humidity, you can’t even tell a storm came through. We are grateful for all the prayers all the same. While I am bragging on team members, I finally wanted to say what a joy our first timer has proven to be. Julie has fit our team like a glove and brought added brightness to our journey. She is practical minded, consistent, and uplifting to be around. Her family can be proud of her! She is leaving a very clear mark here among these people. Beth, Alisa, Maura and Krystle, all rather old hands at these trips have been incredible. We are grateful for how God always orchestrates these teams; it is great to be a part of such a wonderful work and ministry. We appreciate the love and support that allows us to be your hands and feet on the ground here in Haiti! Blessings from our hearts to yours!


Shelbie Mae said...

I have fun things to share!
So today me and my friend were going to watch Curse of the Black Pearl...and we did...But it was so nice out I thought we could go for a hike....Well instead of a hike we went all over the whole county...IN A SMALL PLANE! He is a pilot and we went up for almost an hour. It was supper fun and I just had to tell you. I have some pictures on FaceBook. It was so beautiful and a great experience. God makes some truly beautuful things and Leelanau County is one of them. I know that I take it for granted....Gods beauty is amazing.
So that is my secong post of the day.....
Love you all

Deloris said...

Hi guys,
Working late so wanted to get a quick post out so you could read it tonight. I miss you all so much. It seems like you've been gone for more than a week. I'm so proud of each one of you, working on your own projects and also as a team. It's just amazing how much you are getting done. Ray, please be careful with your back!! You're not a young whipper snapper anymore!!!! But I love you anyways. Hugs and kisses to you all!