Wednesday, November 3, 2010


We finally settled in after some excitement at the church last night, it’s always a bit of a job getting the sleeping arrangement, mattresses, and bed sheets around. So as we are finally getting laid down, Julie looked totally relaxed (I always watch our first-timers). The breeze was pushing the cool air around, and I said to her, you look comfortable. She said, “It’s the Hilton.” I had to laugh. I said maybe if we started telling people that we would get many more to come with us! The reality is that circumstances are what you make of them. If you fight against the current of events, you will rue your existence. But if you can bend with the tide, you can glean much from the journey! We went to the bank this morning, as we stepped through the door, a line in the building greeted me that I couldn’t see the end of. Rob put me in a corner, and disappeared. He told me he would return in a few minutes. I was thinking to myself, well I’ll see you in a few hours! Shortly he returned, and we left. I asked him if the lines were always this long at the bank, and he said yes, sometimes longer. I found out later he had sent someone to stand in line for him, and call him when they got close to the counter. I’m not sure how many of us Americans have close enough family and friends who would go stand in line for us anywhere, for anything, to help save us some time! The wonderful person who took his place must have waited for at least an hour or two, the next time you get impatient standing in line at the store behind a couple of people, and gripe because your not next in line, be reminded again of how blessed you are to be next in a very short line. We have flexed our schedule already, several little changes. Who would have thought I had to go to five motor stores before I could find 10W30 motor oil for the new generator for the orphanage! It’s a never-ending process. Change happens slowly, and by the time the change comes, something else has broken, and now you are back to where you started. At times it does seem a bit futile. But then you get another hug, you see a child going to school that you are sending, you see a life transformed by the power of God, and new life surges through your heart, fresh passion washes away indignation, and energy is born for another day. What a wonderful life! Blessings always.


Anonymous said...

I just watched the weather and did not like the report.I will say that I know you have god on your side so i am trusting you will be kept safe. Sounds like you had a productive day. Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

wach out for rain and thunder stoormes. tomarow it is going to rain and sat, sun ,mon, wedit is supost to thunder stoorm tues, is going to be partley cloudy. i love you all. love, alexis

Anonymous said...

I hear the rain will be bad. I hope you all will be safe at the orphanage and the storm will not hit that area too bad. I hope the roads won't get washed out. It will make coming home hard. From what I hear they aren't that great anyway. I think of all of the bad stuff and know there is so much good coming from this trip. I know God is watching over you all. Please take care and be safe. Love Linda Hasse