Saturday, November 6, 2010


Dashing raindrops, we are surviving on the ground. Amidst the rain, we were able to still get more work done today. It delivered setbacks, but everything in God’s time. The team had some good conversation, and a small blessing for us in the storm has been a bit of cooler weather, although the humidity has tempered our gains with regard to temperature. I am not sure I am going to be able to post up tonight. Everything has closed down today. We can’t buy anything; we will see what tomorrow brings. Bob and Ray got a couple of shelves built, and Jim and I were able to get a bunch of plumbing work done at the orphanage. Just a couple of small things to touch off, and it will be in good shape for consistent water for our children. The church people went in and set up 9 rows of benches this afternoon. They are very excited, and Ray’s dream of several months has come true! It was quite a vision he undertook, and it has been a great run! And to be able to see the end result of an undertaking like this has got to be very rewarding. All services were cancelled today, including the children’s service. At one point when we stopped by at 1:30, it was not raining and they were lined up in the street for the 3:00 p.m. service. You hate to have to cancel, but something that will keep these people inside is rain. We had a great time watching a movie with the family tonight; Kelly and Jim went and bought our one luxury on these trips, pizza! We have had a great night, it has rained pretty good on and off, nothing very serious. Some pretty good thunder, and lightening reminded me of home. All is fairly calm here. Off to bed at the orphanage again. Blessings from St. Marc.

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Have followed you in thought and prayer. How deeply your work touches life, there and here. God, ever present, bless each of you.
Mary Anderson