Sunday, November 14, 2010


This is a special poem that came through the comments the other day and I asked Autumn Reyhl if I could put it up on my regular post so more people could see it. She kindly obliged so here it is for you to enjoy. The Reyhl family went with us on our first group trip and have continued to be an inspiration and encouragement to us in our labors in Haiti.

I Long to be Near

The simplicity of water to one,

Is the matter of life or death to another.

Not even a world apart from here to the sun,

Yet we care, love, and pray for each other.

Dirt stained feet, calloused and unbearably oh so sore,

Never to experience life's ordinary pleasures;

Only partially represent the rich-hearted poor,

Who are full of the worlds non-material treasures.

Thankful for all of God's many blessings,

Never ending smiles and everlasting strength.

Though they don't view their lives as depressing,

Their precious lives are tragically shortened in length.

Even though my mortal being is here,

I long to have my Haitian family near.

Thank you Autumn for this wonderful contribution. Blessings.

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