Wednesday, November 10, 2010


It never is a dull life when you reach out and risk a little, when you push the boundaries of your faith, and trust God. Traveling in and out of Haiti the last few years is an amazing experience in and of itself. I mean literally the traveling to and from Haiti. It would stun people to know just how many individuals there are collectively and independently who go in to labor in this place of insufferable need. Since the earthquake, it seems the efforts have redoubled, and I for one am grateful. It seems with all the money that has flowed into Haiti from the governments of the world, there should be absolutely no problem in this country of just 9,000,000. But that is what a broken infrastructure will produce, nothing. I am not sure where the money goes, but as I travel the country I see things that peak my interest. Especially along the ocean front behind great privacy walls. Corruption at the highest levels will often result in neglect of the people. And to be truthful, that is occurring in Haiti, to one degree or another. That is why I am such a big fan of private sector involvement, where volunteers carry the help or deliver it directly to the need base, most often at their own expense and sacrifice. I will say that once you have been to Haiti you better understand sacrifice, and you quickly learn your sacrifice is always minor compared to theirs. Gratefully Haiti as a democratic country is open to this kind of ministry and aid. My blessing has been meeting many of these wonderful people and hearing the great stories of God’s deliverance and the miracles taking place as we reach out to the helpless and distressed of this land. Today has been another day of connecting with some very key people in moving our own mission forward. When we do what God asks, He then often obligates Himself to do what we cannot. I have it on my heart to see to construction of a church facility now. Over the past few years God has blessed us with property, and we have labored alongside of our leadership to put up tent facilities, restroom facilities, thanks to Ray and Bob we have furnished the tents with pews, and many other supplies. The church has grown to around 600 people moving out of a little 18 x 30 house, they are now distributing free fresh water, feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, taking care of the widows, the homeless, and the orphans. It is incredible as I take stock with what has come to pass as we have just taken one single faith step after another. Having said that, my heart has a fire growing to give these people a more permanent facility. I was doing some calculations and entertaining these thoughts this week. Who do you think God placed me beside for the flight out of PAP today, a man who has built two churches, a hospital, a school, some boarding buildings, and has some key connections with builders on the ground in Haiti who will gladly assist and provide us with structural engineering, labor force, and material for a 32 x 70 foot building. He told me we could get a building up and fully functional for $26,000 dollars, labor and material! They are doing a steel structured building instead of the concrete supported ones common to Haiti. This has been a very big concern of mine for several years, the concrete in Haiti is frail at best, and while it will withstand hurricanes fairly well, it’s a deadly weapon when the earth shakes! The composition of this building style is cutting edge for Haiti, and I see the hand of God in my connection made today. I don’t have the answers as to how this will all come to pass, but I have no doubt that He who is faithful will provide. I remain in awe of what God can do, of what He has done, and what together we can do in this incredible journey to rescue lives, shine hope into darkness, and drive back despair with love. Upward, onward, forward, be not weary in well doing, for in due season you will reap if you faint not! Blessings from 30,000 feet!

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Faithe said...

Blessings on you, our dear friend!! I praise the Lord for the vision He has given you, and in time He WILL bring it to fruition. Keep us informed on what's happening. We'd love to be part of what He is doing through you, in one way or another.