Saturday, November 6, 2010

Diet Coke

Here are a few misc. pics. I managed to stumble across Diet Coke finally! Had some very excited team members.


Anonymous said...

Ok, Ok, since you found Diet Coke down there, I gues I would consider making the trip! Alisa, please take lots of pictures of the orphange. Hope you hung your Mom's painting in there. I'm sure she will feel conected to it, and maybe will paint another for the next trip. Alexis and Payton have been very good and I know they miss their Mom and & Dad. The pic of the benches looks awesome! Glad the storm moved on, as I'm sure it didn't stop the awesome Haiti Team doing their work. Take care! Sue

Shelbie Mae said...

Hey, Hey, Hey, Haiti team!
It is a beautiful day here in traverse city. Its sunny and not too cold. I rode my bike to church this morning and it was sad with you all gone. I got several comments on my awesome comments thought. Some ppl think I am real funny. I sat by Payton and Alexis, it was fun. [Payton tried to text you from my phone, Krystle, I had to explain that you would not get the text right away. =)]
I am glad to see that you are all doing well and are getting a lot accomplished. I had to comment under this post b/c I LOVE diet coke. I had to get some the other day to keep me awake at work.
Because its so nice today it looks like I am going walking/hiking with a friend and then we are going to watch Curse of the Black Pearl. GOOD MOVIE! I LOVE PIRATES!
Okay anyway Grandma P said she has not been able to get her comments to post so I have something here from her for Kelly and Krystle...

Hi! Krystle and Kelly really miss you both! I'm sure the kids are happy you are there. Dont worry no Snow to speak of. The three of us are having a good time. lol. They miss you a lot and are bummed to not see the pets. Going to meet Grandma Dawn and Manise at borders.
Love Gram

Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday.
Love Shelbie
Please excuse my terrible spelling Mr. Berg.....haha

Jim Quinn said...

I knew my wife would enjoy that! Yea for Diet Coke!!

Nancy said...

Hello to all from Herb and Nancy Gerhard! This took some serious searching to discover how to add comments! We are praying for all of you to be safe and bring joy and help to the members of the church and the children living in the orphanage. Forget the diet coke! Drink the pure water flowing from our fantastic well - that is the result of so many years of hard work.Pictures are great and Pastor Doyle writes a deeply meaningful story line about what St. Marc and it's people do for your spirit. Our friends at Sanibel Community Church here in Florda are praying for your safe return. We are sending a group down to Haut St. Marc to work on St.Ann school. I hope Julie has the opportunity to visit the school attended by our Haiti children, God bless you all, Nancy and Herb Gerhard