Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Plugged In

We are now nestled safely in a room in Detroit. I fired up my machine and the frustration and difficulty of the past week in Haiti trying to post up melted away at the blazing speed of electricity. No wires to connect, no fees to pay, lights are on, the magic of our techno world begs my fingertips to caress the keys, to travel time and space, to explore and move swiftly through information lost in the transition of the last week. It's like I have re-entered the matrix, I have been unplugged, exposed to the true reality of life and now the digital age beckons me back to its alluring sights and sounds. Already it suffocates memories, stifles significance, and suppresses reality. Luxury, ease, relief, back from the edge, forward in time, the transition is almost too easy! Should there not be some fear here? Some trepidation, how can one live like this when others are perishing, staggering along though broken corridors of time. The visage of their lives shattered, pulverized, annihilated by circumstances beyond their control. Let me not be so weak as to fail to understand the pull, the luring of my soul to sleep, the nodding of my head before the intoxicating drug of our age. Do not rest my soul, but persevere. Lives are counting on our ability to sustain the actions taken against our beings, to avoid the imprisoning of our hearts and minds, the paralyzation of our wills. We as a team have truly been unplugged this week, we have experienced life outside our box, our matrix of understanding and perception. Would to God we not lose our focus, or sacrifice our hearts. May the hurt, the sadness, the hunger, the tears, the love in these eyes let us not forget our true place, our true purpose in life. As we plug in, may we cautiously remember our lot in life, our true purpose, our real goals. And may we all be reminded by this journey that we are above all most blessed. Blessings from Fairfield Inn.

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