Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Here I sit, two thousand miles from home. A stunning sky above me, I see patterns I am familiar with on my own back porch. It is simply mind blowing to me that while the earth seems on one hand so big, on another, it seems so small. The same sky staring down at me tonight, stares at a very bleak picture. Should the smell alone of this land make it’s way heavenward, perhaps the sky itself would revolt. It’s view of my home, of my country is something far different should the lay of the land and the countenance of the hillsides mean anything at all. What saddens me tonight is the state of the human heart. I am afraid at each location, the same erosion has occurred. The erosion of the heart. And I am not speaking of all hearts, while I believe we all suffer the same plight, I am speaking of mine specifically. I seek to avoid the barrenness of soul that I have experienced in the past and if not careful can be engulfed in again. There is such a fragile and delicate balance to life, if we are not careful we trespass against our very existence and suddenly the landscape of our lives is affected, vegetation dies quickly in a drought, and then the torrential rains of life pour down, my existence is not prepared and I lose my life to mudslides all because I failed to properly tend the garden of my heart as instructed by God Himself. I don’t mean to get too theological tonight, but my heart weeps for this country. Changes, restoration need to come, will come I believe, but the rapidness of the change will depend on the people, it always does. When we fight for our way of existence instead of God’s way, we disturb the balance and harmony of life, and in due course set ourselves on a path to destruction. As I sit here and write, the team is asleep, the power is on so I wanted to refill the water tanks. I want to help restore balance to this community, to this country. I know I alone cannot do that. But I also know that imbalance in my life will alter the course of events here. We are all connected this way. We are dependent on one another in ways we cannot imagine. Take heed to this tonight, remember your place, find your place, tend your place. Get healing for the broken parts, throw away false pretenses, live in wholeness as God has created us to live, let the healing begin, not just in Haiti, but throughout the whole world tonight. It’s a big sky up there tonight, I can see that plainly, but an even bigger God rules the universe, turns on the light on those stars, it’s massive energy, power, sustenance that we can’t even imagine. That power can heal Haiti, can heal every broken heart, abandoned child, ruined countryside, or damaged family. It seems like only such small things in our lives that God uses, but He blesses them and increases them, and suddenly a cup of cold water becomes thousands of cups of cold water, one life saved turns into multitudes. And then a nation is changed! Let us go forth and be healed! Let Haiti be healed, let every heart everywhere be healed, and may that power light the world! Blessings always!

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Anonymous said...

Amen! Nothing good we do is small. Thanks for the well written blogs. Safe travels home! Carol Rose