Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Marrying Young

Today most plans have been able to be fulfilled. We are waiting right now to go over to the church and meet with the school children that we are putting though school. We had a very exciting trip to the mountain this morning. Our motorcycle ride was fraught with danger, breakdowns, fall downs. We came around one corner and I saw a bike upside down, I looked and it was Robinson! His motorcycle has need of some mechanical work, and he is going to get it fixed after we leave. It stalled at a very strategic moment going up hill and he couldn’t stop the backward motion. He was fine and we got it running, and made it to the top. We also visited a couple of schools today, and those were very enlightening moment. The mountain school we visited has 118 children. They are struggling to pay the teachers who make $64.00 a month. They even had to let one of their teacher’s go because they could not afford it. I asked if it cost money to attend and was told the cost was $100.00 for the year, then the magical question, how many students had paid? The answer was nine! Talk about a budget crisis. They were so thankful that we stopped by and visited them, they said it would bring a lot of hope to the community just that we had come, and that if they had money they would pay us for having taken the time to stop by. I was so touched by their humility and the appreciation. It took me by surprise. They have so many needs, but didn’t ask us for a thing. We are going to see what we might be able to do. I always consider the fact that these appointments are divine in my life, that there is a reason why we are at certain places at certain times. Perhaps my thinking may be a bit on the grand side, but in a mission work like this, I try to keep my eyes open for opportunities, somewhere buried in the details are lives God is raising up to impact a country, a city, a community, a village. A life He means to use mightily, and in doing so He empowers us to be His hand extended. When we were on our way back to town we stopped to get everyone back together, a man approached Robinson’s bike where Krystle was his passenger. Some debate took place, and I could tell it was a little intense. He stood about 6’6” tall without a shirt on his back. Turns out he was a witch doctor and wanted to marry my daughter! Can you guess my answer? Well, suffice it to say, there was no wedding and my daughter is still single like she will be for at least 20 more years. We made it back to town and everyone seemed to have an enlightening time! Blessings until later.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to break your heart Pastor Doyle but I highly doubt it will be 20yrs before ur daughter is married! She's a wonderful little lady and God has an almost equally wonderful man picked out for her! LOL Although i make fun of you for this statement i understand the seriousness of a witch dr. wanting to marry her! She may "marry young" but it wont be today or i guess i should say yesterday! Been thinking of you all!......Niche

Shelbie Mae said...

I love reading all these posts and imagining you all down there. I hope to make it down at some point relativly soon.
Monday and Tuesday were boring. Just school and work. I have no more exiting things to tell you about my unpredictible (spelling eror) life.
I do have to say I think the story of Krystle, Robinson, and the witch doctor is very funny. Especialy the comment you made Mr. Berg about her not getting married for the next 20 years. That seems kind of harsh even for you. LOL! Just Kidding...but I couldent help but comment on that.
I hope to hear from you all very soon.
Love Shelbie