Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Apples of Gold

The dust settles on the first full day in Haiti. I am perched on a chair under our tent and commence to write. The day has been a difficult one for me. I am fighting through a back injury from September, and while my conditions improve, I have a road ahead. It made it difficult to be objective today, but remember, I am traveling with a TEAM, and they did not lose objectivity! Bob, Ray, and Neil went to work on our benches at the church, and tonight 12 of our 30 have been reworked, and revarnished. The team also reorganized the 16 suitcases of goods we brought with us, we checked out another well drilling project, gathered supplies, and Beth held a women's meeting called Apples of Gold with 48 Haitian wives, several who held babies in their arms, and several who where holding babies in their wombs. A good sign that these babies are going to grow up in Christian homes under the influence of faith, God, scripture and love. Beth had a shining moment with the ladies, the material was cross-culture, and when she asked halfway through because it was getting late if they wanted her to stop, she met a resounding NO! Turns out that while there are cultural differences, truth bridges to certain cultural norms that are the same and a path is born for direct ministry into peoples lives, and even with our differences the truth is able to pierce the darkness and the homes of families in a different world are impacted. It was amazing to observe the reactions of the ladies, you could witness the fresh hope born by the smiles on their faces. Even the church leaders who overheard some of the teaching were rejoicing in the sharing of the truth. So while my personal objectivity suffered today, God's did not. Forward momentum gained advantage as we pushed through our first day, and tonight we are encouraged, and unwavering to bring our best to the table in terms of sacrifice, and laying our hands to the plough to accomplish that for which we have been sent forth! May God continue to do what we cannot! Prayer and blessings from St. Marc. 


Jake Thomas said...

Sounds like you all had a good first day. It is so amazing how the love of Jesus can cross over between our barriers of culture and language. We will be praying over all of you and keeping you in our minds all day today. I pray that you are all given supernatural insights and energies to perform the tasks that your ministry presents for you all today. Stay encouraged and safe.
Romans 8:28 28 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who[a] have been called according to his purpose.
Love you all

The Reyhls said...

Greetings Haiti Team!! Thanks for the updates. We are bummed that we did not see Barney the Chick Magnet! but "You know that I love you and you love me and we'll all be back together as big one big happy family soon" Hi Rob Rob I know you are sleeping in the front of the church being Jesus to all those around you. Give George a hug for us as well. Thank you all for being the hands,feet and presence of Jesus. We are praying for you. Hugs, The Reyhl's

Alisa Gallo said...

Sounds like a good first day in Haiti! I am sure it was touching seeing those ladies and babies and love all around! I can not wait to see pics! Good luck with whatever it is God has in store for you all tomorrow! Sleep well! Dad and Deloris.... I love you bunches... And miss you too... Oh and I checked on Grandma today.... She sends her love to you both too! Will make sure she is fine after the snow clears. Keep ticking at God's speed... And Doyle I'm sorry to hear about your back.... Betcha wish you had a massage therapist there ;) Love you all....... Alisa

popsmdj said...

Dear Jack, K&K, K&BJo, R&D, & Neil,
Thank the Lord for such a good Apples of Gold meeting-prayed earnestly for you. Ray -about the keys -you are much more efficient than you think! Kelly-good thing Grandpa Berg & your dad have taught you to run fast. Went for happy time with Jake & Alaina (venison-no less) & to the basketball game. Good game & close. Beth Jo -what amount to put on the check? Hon -all is fine here-Bob, Dan & Lynn calling. Miss you all & praying lots-You are all surrounded by angels & He is in the lead. Keep following & He'll be your strength. Love, MDJ Jn.1:1