Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Good Byes and New Beginnings (Kelly)

Greetings from Haiti. I not very sure where to start writing at the moment normally it's my dad that does all the writing when we are in Haiti, my how the tides have changed on me. I guess I will start with waking up this morning with a good nights sleep from having a large comfortable pillow and mattress that was on the bunk-bed. When I woke up and was laying there in bed it struck me that today was the day that mom and dad and the team where leaving and I was staying behind with Krystle. Up till this point all week I was so excited I could hardly wait to ship everyone off, turns out I was wrong, I found myself trying not to dwell on it to much so I would not break down crying, after all I had to be strong for Krystle. We finished helping pack up the team over at the orphanage, we then All drove over to Robinson's house to check and make sure no one had forgotten anything. You could feel the somberness in the air as we drove, everyone was sad, but for me I was starting to understand what it was like to be on the other side of the fence that the Haitians are on, to know how it feels to see Rob and all the Americans pull out and leave knowing well that we would not see them for three months. Like I said earlier, it was very sad as Krystle and I gave everyone hugs and told them how much we would miss them. I broke down as I gave my father his last hug for three months. And for the record he did to;). We waved good bye as they all set out on their long journey back to Traverse City, Michigan. After they left I realized we had just crossed another bridge in our family life toward being independent adults in life. After the team left Naromie came over and gave Krystle and I big hugs to try and comfort us, we went inside and took a few minutes to collect ourselves. I realized it was time to move forward, I grabbed some tools and helped Krystle get some waters out of the cooler to take to the orphanage. Chedson and Varnell and Peterson helped us carry and walk stuff over to the orphanage. On the way I wanted to stop at the church to pick up the electrical tester in the American bathroom. As I walk in looking for George and calling his name because he had the key to unlock the bathroom, some women at the church told us that George had gone to work for the day. It was a little bit of a shock to me because the whole week we are there every trip George is at the church pretty much 24/7. When we finally got back to the orphanage I got to work, we still had some stuff to get done from moving in yesterday. Krystle helped me refasten and oil up all the hinges on all the doors in the orphanage today, Franz helped get the shower rod up in the bathroom today and an extra clothes rod hanger in the girls closet, I think for Krystle. I told Manius last night that this was kinda going to be a day to rest up from the whirlwind of last week, so much for that. We did however watch a little TV, and hang out and worked on our Creole this afternoon. When Rob got back we went down to the store this evening and bought a trash bin, some small tubs for Krystle to wash dishes in, and hurried back to make supper before we went to Y-WAM for their service. Robinson also this evening had a meeting at 6:00 and did not make it back to the orphanage till 7:00 to pick us up:). The service tonight was very good, Krystle and I enjoyed it and are looking forward to coming back next week, we were greeted very warmly tonight from everyone, they also told us to feel free to come over anytime to go swimming, they offered us phone numbers in case we needed anything, I told them that at the moment Krystle and I did not have cell phones yet, they told that if we need help getting some cell phones that they would take us down and help us get two for Krystle and I.
We got to talk to Jennie tonight and she told us that she had decided to sign a 6 month commitment instead of a two year commitment. I also found out tonight dad that YWAM just got a well rig at their base and there are drillers coming in to drill on February 7 for ten days and offered for me to come out and see what their doing. Well I guess I'm heading off for bed tonight to get some sleep. Pray for us that God will show Krystle and I what His will is from day to day, that He will bless our hands at whatever we go to do. Blessing to all from Haiti. Kelly


Jake T said...

Good words Kelly, this is an amazing journey you are on. Please know we will be following and praying earnestly for you and Krystle. Love ya brother, God bless!

popsmdj said...

Our dear Kids, K&K
So nice to still get a post this AM. from Haiti. Can't believe you are both there & the Team should get in early afternoon! About your futures-sit tight on the horse & be ready-because when he takes off things happen fast sometimes, & you'll do well with His help to stay in the saddle! -old saying.
You write so interestingly. That's what I've been doing the last l0 days too-keeping busy. Krystle, I've had my sketch book on the loveseat for 2-3 days-anxious to start- still waiting, & now I'm really getting excited Grandpa is almost home again, so you know I'm scurrying around here to finish getting the house done & meals planned. I know he won't be able to eat lots for awhile, & wants it simple. Lots to tell you. -having precious times praying over both of you -so are many others. Keep alert & close to Jesus. He's closer than hands or feet, all-knowing, & all powerful. "The eyes of the Lord are over the righteous to show Himself strong in their behalf. Have a good day there in the sunshine while we nearly freeze to death here at 11 degrees! You & I got our wish for more snow-it keeps tumbling down steadily. Loads of love, hugs & kisses, Gram P. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX00000000000000

Anonymous said...

It's great to see you are going to continue on with the blog posts. Of course as I read your post a tear formed in my eye. I'm so proud of you two! God's faithfulness through your endeavors encourages me to listen more closely for His calling and direction in my own life. Love you both! Niche

Anonymous said...

Kelly - you write so very well, straight from the heart. Will be looking forward to your next writing. Gail