Monday, January 23, 2012

Thanksgiving (Krystle)

Greetings to all our family and friends!

I'm so sorry I haven't gotten around to writing these past few days. I do have a pretty good excuse however, I have been under the weather and just trying to rest and get my strength up. So because of that the weekend was pretty laid back and everyone has been spoiling me! Junie has been making sure the kids don't bother me in the morning so I can sleep in a bit, but even then I was up at 7:30. When the sun rises in Haiti so do you! People have been just as sweet as they can be making my bed, getting me drinks and medicine and just making sure I'm doing okay. Kelly has been the best brother anyone could ever ask for! He has been making sure I don't have to cook whether he goes out and gets something or he makes it himself. Yesterday he even surprised me with a meal fit for a king! Hotdogs(no buns), Cheetos, cold Pepsi and we even had ketchup and mustard!!!! Aren't you all so jealous?! Just kidding but seriously it was a really great lunch! Naromie's mother made us a rice cake to share, it is completely impossible to describe what it is or how it tastes but it is seriously one of the best things I have ever eaten! I came out to the job site with Robinson, Arson and Kelly this morning. I wanted to get out of the house for a little break from the kids and all the hustle and bustle there at the orphanage. There is little to no privacy with five kids, Junie, Manius, Natasha, Kelly and I plus there is always traffic coming in and out. Still I love it and we are getting more and more settled all the time. We have a Haiti cell phone now so we can get a hold of people down here. I have it worked out for a young lady to come do our laundry on Saturdays. I figured it would be better to give someone who knows what they are doing some money then to try and do it in my inexperience! She is very happy to have the job but at first she refused to take our money! She said she was doing it because she loves us and wants to help but Rob explained that we wanted to do it to help her as well and express our gratitude for her hard work. On Friday night Manius, Kelly and I were having a movie party on the porch. We were watching the movie "The Blind Side". Every few minutes we had to pause the movie and explain something to him like what a Quarterback is and what his "blind side" is. At a certain part of the movie it was Thanksgiving and the family was sitting around the table saying a prayer and getting ready to eat. Well Manius wanted to know what Thanksgiving is and so Kelly and I explained the whole story Pilgrims and Indians included! Even though it's not Thanksgiving, telling the story helped me put everything into perspective. I am so thankful to be surrounded by people who love and care about me, especially this past weekend! The Hatians are the poorest people I have ever seen and they work so hard all the time to just exist yet they seem to keep finding ways to present us with gifts or acts of kindness. They are truly an amazing people. Blessings and love from Haiti!



Jake T said...

this is a nice post Krystle, really amazing to think that we have so much to be grateful everyday! For us in Christ everyday is Thanksgiving, especially us who have it so well in america. Regardless the salvation of Christ should make everyday for all of us Thankgiving. Glad to hear you are feeling better and got a cold pop. Thanks for you faithfulness on keeping us abreast to what you all are up to down there. God bless

Anonymous said...

Devante, Germaine&I enjoyed reading your post! We r glad you are being well taken care of. What a special gift to love& teach others, to be loved & to be taught. Sending our love to you all in Haiti! The Walkers

gina said...

Krystle,Its such a blessing too hear your post,And all the good things you and Kelly are doing. I want too thank you and your brother for your faithfulness and all the love you both have and give..I dont know what Gods plans are for you,But I know its pretty special.Krystle Im so proud of you:)Your post brought me too tears..Thank you for remiding me of what we have at the tip of ower finger tips.I ask you too pray for me,I would love nothing more then too do the same thing you and your brother are doing..I Don't care about all the material things in the world!! Well Krystle May God Bless you and your brother..You are both in my prayers along with praying for Haiti...Exuse my miss spelled words:) Love you guy's