Tuesday, January 17, 2012


What are you devoted to? How does it show. Where is our commitment. Our culture in America has become very lackluster in our expressions of devotion. The week here is full of hectic press in trying to get things done where something else is constantly going wrong. It feels like two steps forward, one step back. Today in addition to everything else Rob's phone battery quit, and it is an internal battery. Fortunately I have brought some spare parts with me, so that is added to my list today. My point is that we are always hurrying. As I raced into the bathroom to change and ready for the day, I passed my wife coming out and I caught myself. We have been racing by each other much of the week, I gave pause and looked into her brown eyes and said 'I love you' and she returned the same. Our love after all these years is not shallow, and a few days of business will not necessarily hurt our relationship, but we quickly become creatures of habit, and we are selfish, and a few days can turn into a few weeks, and months, and years, and that will break most any relationship. We have a young girl that showed up at the church without a place to stay a few days before we arrived, Robinson had the leadership take her into our facility and when we got here, Neil quickly took charge of getting her blankets and a pillow, and she actually slept under the big tent with us. Generally the people are not comfortable enough to do that, for we have had these situations before. She has been a sweetheart to have around, and after everything of our bedding is put away she tends to cleaning the church property. She was not here last night, so I asked Robinson in the late evening where she was. He didn't know so asked George our night watchmen, and discoved that a woman in the church has opened her home and taken her in! She is homeless no more. She came early this morning to do her cleaning routine, and in the midst of that she pauses for her morning devotion, she reads and prays and then sings with a smile that seems big enough to light the world, her plight that seems the worse, and yet here is this glow! This is joy, this is devotion, and this is happiness at its deepest level. I don't know how you started your day, don't know how it is going so far, but if you have not taken time to redress the relationships in your life, and most specifically your devotion to God, you cannot experience what we witnessed this morning. It was a good fundamental reminder to me, relationship priorities are something we need to examine and re-examine, keep them first, for they count the most! Just thought I would put up this quick observation while I wait, for if Haiti has taught me nothing else, it has definitely taught me patience! More later, to the mountian now we go. Blessings today!


Anonymous said...

Hi to all of you Haiti workers:
I'm sure that you are all accomplishing everything you set out to do.
It's wonderful to be able to help those unfortunate people there. I know
it gives you reasons for being grateful for what you have.
We have really had quite a storm, not that we were dumped on badly, but
it rained all day and then turned to snow and froze. I spent one hour
trying to get the ice off my windows in the car. The worst was the
windshield wipers they were frozen so badly I really had to work hard.
I'm covering them with my plastic cover now, I'm not going through that
I'm sure that you dear people don't have that to contend with that. How
is your weather?
Well, I miss you all and may God Bless each and everyone of you. I pray
that God will protect all of you from any dangers.
Love you Ray and Deloris and everyone in St. Marc.
Mom from T.C.

Alisa Gallo said...

So it's the last night ..... Devotion.... So true... Relationships.... So true.... Out of your lips..... So true (that one is from our church on Sunday) .... So true.... All things to make you really think.... How are we showing Gods love in our lives.... You all are showing these amazing Haitian people God has a plan for then...... believe in his plan for you has been my new thought.... All the stuff going on with my Mom has tested my faith and the words I tell her and the words out of my mouth.... Not to say I'm doing the best.... I'm doing it in God's love..... Just as you all are.... Can't wait to talk to you tomorrow ...... Love you all...... Leave Haiti knowing you made a difference!

Anonymous said...

Hi gang, I hope u guys had a blessed day. Sorry to hear about Rob Rob phone. I hope u can get it fixed. It is so nice to hear about the wonderful things that you guys are doing and the lives that are being touched. Their is no doubt in my mind that the Haitians are very special people and they deserve special attention. At what point in our lives do we wake up and realize that life isn't about being selfish and that there is a bigger picture that God trying to paint for us. Thats why i love the Haitians because when we think we are poor they know what it truly means to be rich. A RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD. God bless you all for the wonderful relationships that you are forming. I miss you all, I love you all, and I am proud of you all. Stay encouraged I will be praying. Tell kelly we are getting lots of snow and let him and krystle know we are going to miss them so much. See you guys soon!

popsmdj said...

Hi! Hon, Beth Jo & Kel, K&K, Ray & Deloris, & Neil. Have read all the posts each day -Feel like I've been there with you much of the time. As I looked at each picture you had posted -just cried & cried -it was so real -seeing each of you, especially the babies & children -sense some of the interaction -the people in general, even the mountains. The Lord has certainly helped you this week-sorry you had a cold, Kel. Hope the back is better. Would love to see the newly painted orphanage! Had an especially sweet time praying for you, Krystle & Kelly. You've heard how the Rose of Sharon Tree is so fragrant that deer are known to hide among them to stay undetected. Both of you -stay close to & hide in our great Rose of Sharon -Jesus - & you'll be safe. Anxious to hear stories & see more pictures & mostly to see your faces. Seems like you've been gone a long time. Love you loads -sleep well as you can & see you soon -. Be praying for you. MDJ ounwal