Wednesday, January 18, 2012


This post is delivered via Krystle:

Hey! I hope you guys have had a great trip. I have tried texting you guys but must be I caught you with no wifi:) today has been good:) I think Kelly has had an easier time of it today then I have. He got to spend some time with Manius and he kept plenty busy around the house fixing all the doors. I finished cleaning up our stuff, passing out the stuff we brought specifically for the orphanage, had a Creole lesson with Ched and another lesson with Manius. Rob had said earlier he would come pick me up so I could get a few things I needed at the grocery store. I was concerned about the timing because of the meeting at YWAM. I was right.... After we got back from the store we had about thirty minutes to make dinner and be ready to go. Then Rob told us he had a meeting and he would be here to pick us up at 6:45 at the latest. Well we scarfed down our food and we were ready but Rob wasn't here. So he showed up at 7 and I was completely overwhelmed and ready just to skip the whole thing but I knew that you wanted us to go. We pulled up and he goes oops it's 7:15, I must have been late! Lol! The guard let us in but then said we couldn't go anywhere cause no one had told him we were coming..... So we waited for a bit and Christian finally came and got us.:) Jenny came to sit by me and it was a REALLY nice service and everyone was so sweet to us. We got several offers to come to the pool, all kinds of numbers and someone even offered to take us and get phones (they didnt know we had someone like Rob to help us). Jenny's doing great. She only signed a 6 month contract and then she will be headed back to Cape Haitia. We are going to plan to meet up on a weekend to hang out whether it is at YWAM or here. So I'm doing good tonight, I feel like I have a friend:D It's funny how you can be surrounded by people and still feel lonely! I'm hoping as I learn more of the language some of that will go better:) Kelly put one of the extra mats underneath my other mattress and I'm pretty sure this bed is more comfy then my own! I'm exhausted tonight so I will go get some sleep! I think your on the plane right now so you can just email me tomorrow or whenever it's convenient. Rob and Kelly are going to Renalds in the morning so I will go to Rob and Naromie's unless Junie and Manius stay here. Dina is not doing good at all. I think it has spread to the other eye. She was doing okay earlier but tonight I can tell she's in alot of pain. Hopefully we can get her to a doctor in the morning. Love you and mom lots:) get some sleep!

Love Forever,

This was Krystle's email from today.


Jake T expectant daddy said...

Thanks for the updates Krystle. We are going to be praying for ya's. God bless you, all our love to you and Kelly.

Alisa Gallo said...

Krystle and Kelly..... What a joy to hear from you both! This is going to be an amazing experience for you both! We look forward to hearing of your adventures! God has a plan for you both...... How exciting to see what it is.... I know you will have some tough days.... But know that we are all praying for you all there in Haiti. Love you both!!! Alisa