Monday, January 16, 2012


Where do I start? So much to report, but so little time and space to report in. We had another amazing service this morning. The tent and surrounding space was full. God is on the move in Haiti. He is on the move in our church! With Robinson and the men he is garnering around him through the help of God an amazing ministry is forming. We have witnessed the birth of a profound work. Casting vision is a difficult thing, we have so many dreams and aspirations, and many years ago when we started this journey with God through sets of circumstances in our lives, I had a sense that God was up to something big, that there was a profound potential for something great. But following the vision and pursuing it, that was a uniquely different path than what I had expected. To cast a vision is not to fully know how God will bring everything to pass, but it is to see through eyes of faith what it is God intends to do. On this trip I am casting another part of that vision, not knowing fully how it will come to pass, however, I now know it will. As we viewed the congregation this morning, we were witness to the profound impact of the gospel to change lives, to the tune of hundreds, maybe now approaching thousands. We can’t help but rejoice that all those years ago God set two men from different cultures and totally different walks of life together in the way only God can. Crossing our paths was to reshape and re-frame both of our lives. For those of you who know me, aside from my conversion at 16, my first major life change came when my daughter was diagnosed with a brain tumor, the second was when I met an orphaned boy turned man, Robinson Louis. Until that point I had my life on a certain track, but God derailed me through my faith in Him and today we marvel at His goodness and incredible methods. Today this work in Haiti is surging stronger than I have ever witnessed, as we were going through the service this morning the visitors are all called to the front to introduce themselves, there were 18 to my count! And a really good sign was that there were as many men as women! For the first time since our work began in Haiti, I had the front rows with men in them. Hope blossoms in glorious fashion for these people. We have commenced a plan for outreach ministry beyond St. Marc, and we now have personnel to bring it to pass. I confess I am not fully sure how God means to bring it to pass, but as sure as I am penning this post, I am confidant it is coming. The team has spent the afternoon at ease, catching our wind from the hurricane of activity poured into the last four days. We will head to the church property in a few to show the movie “Soul Surfer” which should be very inspirational. As I sat ready to speak this morning, God changed my message 30 minutes prior to my standing up, with no notes to guide me, I shared from I Peter 2 and the response was moving. Not only did I come to Haiti with a ruptured disk this trip, but I also came down sick my second day here, we are grateful to report that it has not slowed down the list of accomplishments. They are too numerous to name right now, but we want to report that vision is coming to pass, and we are all a part! What an amazing life it is, God never disappoints! Blessings all!


lauren said...

wow! what a great and glorious thing that is happeneing down there! i am so excited for all of the hatians and there fervor towards Christ...Amen and Hallelujia!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi team! Gods vision is something amazing. He takes the ordinary and makes it extraordinary! Being apart of the Haiti ministry is life changing. Thanks for sharing this part of the journey with those of us state side
! Love and prayers sent to you all Niche