Tuesday, January 17, 2012


So ends our last full day in Haiti, six venture home tomorrow, while two stay behind. It has been a very busy last day, we walked up the mountain this morning and had some very special moments with the mountain community right up behind the church. You never know how your life will intersect with someone, how personalities just click, and bonds are formed. Deloris is just like a mother to these kids, she speaks English and yet they seem to understand her like it was their native tongue! I burst out laughing a couple of times. She marshals them like a mother hen. Up towards the top of the mountain, as we were beginning our decent, we came across a little boy who was very afraid of us ‘white folks,’ but he kept his eye on Neil. He had a little can that he had been playing with, without warning he came over and dropped it at Neil’s feet looking him right in the eye as if to say ‘I like you’, Neil kicked the can to him and he kicked it back, some form of ‘can’ soccer. As he turned to leave, Neil bent down and gave the little boy a hug, fear had vanished before the rays of love, and hope locked two hearts a world apart! These moments are perhaps Haiti’s finest for our team, physical accomplishments are always nice, but they are finite, love, faith, hope, these are infinite, and the works of these three will never fade. I sit here on the front porch of Rob’s house, perhaps tapping out my final post in country, and feel grateful, changed, weary, but proud. Proud of this team, proud of Robinson’s leadership, proud of my support friends and family that have brought something so incredible to pass through the guidance of a loving and faithful God. In a few hours, after a little slumber, we will head north by south, and bid our children farewell for a few weeks. My heart beats steady with the pulse of faith, I wonder what mighty thing God has wrought in their hearts that they would stay, surging out of my protection, to indulge this culture with the force of love they possess for it. Never doubt the power of God to change your life, nor that He still renders miracles in the hearts of those who will believe. I have born witness to His power and grace, and tonight I rest confident in His plan for the lives of my children, my expectations have long been tempered by the call of God on their lives, and we are ready for this day, for He has prepared us every step of this journey called life. There is a reason for every trial, a season for all growth, and a settling occurs, the waves calm, and you feel the mighty hand of God whisper to the storm “Peace, be still!” So amidst everything else accomplished today, we got the kids all unpacked and their new home for three months set in order. They are as ready as can be, everyone helped and now we rest and prepare to go! We end this post with gratefulness and joy, another magnificent moment in our lives turns with the clock, and to all a good night! Blessings!


popsmdj said...

Goodnight dear Ones, especially Jack. For K&K -am trusting Jesus to be a "wall of fire" about them with glory in the midst. (Zech.)
You are going to be sorely missed, but prayed lots for in anticipation of what He has planned. There will be exciting, joyful moments, lonely & sad times, challenging & scary times, but He will be all you need. Phil.4:19. Hugs & kisses. The rest of you hurry home now so we can get you ready to return for them. Goodnight & don't let the bedbugs bite. Love, MDJ

Jake Thomas said...

Hurry home, God bless you all this morning. So proud of all of you, we will continue praying until we know you are home safe. Thank you all for your service and sacrafice, God is good.