Thursday, January 19, 2012

Routines (Krystle)

Today has been a good day. I know yesterday was tough on Kelly and I, but it ended well and we got some sleep and woke up ready to start the new day. I was a bit unsure how to help today because you don't know people's routines and you don't want to go sticking your hand in where it doesn't belong. But as the day has gone along I have found plenty of things to keep busy with. Things such as cutting and trimming all the kids toenails and fingernails, I never would have imagined it such a big job! I also gave them their first lesson on how to use scissors. I used tape to hang all of their projects on the wall and they were so pleased. Someone had donated stickers that go on walls to put in the kids rooms, with the kids help we put those up. "Toy Story" in the boys and "Princess and the Frog" for the girls. Naromie already took me up on the offer to help watch Boo Boo, she dropped him off earlier so she could have a break. Rob picked Kelly up this morning to go get the rig for Emmanuel to fix. They also caulked the tank without a caulk gun, which he told me to say was a lot of fun ( not! ):D. Rob is exhausted, i told him to go get a nap. I don't know if he took my advice but he did go home, hopefully he fell asleep! Mom and Dad made sure to impress on everyone last Sunday to take good care of their kids. Well people have taken it seriously! Everyone is stopping by to check on us and people are always bringing us food and asking if we are hungry. Already we have been given fried bananas, tangerines and fresh bananas! So everyone rest assured we are doing well and are not starving! We are getting our own routine started.... Wake up, get around for the day and ship the kids off to school, devotions, breakfast, sweep and mop the floors, free time or helping around the orphanage, eat lunch, play with the kids, sweep and mop the floors, dinner and dishes from the day. By the time we were done the sun was almost down. I made dinner and after I gave Kelly his plate I realized that there was no one here at the orphanage except for Kelly, the kids and myself. We gave them some food, had a dance party, taught them the Barney song ( which they LOVE! ) and finally tucked them into bed. Now normally an evening taking care of five kids is no problem, i have done it more then once! However, try doing it while not being able to say anything except a few broken words in Creole! We are now sitting on the porch with Manius having another Creole lesson. We love and miss you all and you are in our prayers! Love from Haiti, Krystle. 


Jake T expectant daddy said...

Really enjoy reading about the events of your day down there. Did you clip Kelly's nails for him? We don't want to forget about grooming big brother lol. I am sure things will become more second nature as time goes by. You are brave and courageous, and we are going to continue praying and staying in touch. We love you two.

neil said...

First and foremost, LaMae Krystal LaMae ;)It is good to hear that you are adjusting well to the daily chore of simple life. You have amazed me with your amazing gifts of writing and abilities to nurture these precious babies. I am very proud of you and Kelly. I asked my wife if I could go down there next winter for a month to try to help out like you are. She said I am never allowed to leave her for longer than I was gone again. I'll work on her. I hope you are well today and I miss you guys already. talk to you soon on facebook.

Anonymous said...

I wondered if you'd be posting! The simplest of things can be taken for granted. I'm reminded by your post to appreciate my routine!
I've been reflecting on how precious life is and how grateful I am to have been given an opportunity to share Jesus with those around me, not merely by more but more importantly by deeds. We are all proud of you both! Love Niche'