Monday, January 30, 2012


It has seriously been a CRAZY weekend! I told you all about the wedding and baptisms and the funeral but then yesterday morning rolled around and we had just as much to do! I taught the children for the first time, it was a very interesting experience for sure! I told the story of Noah's Ark and the Flood and I passed out coloring pictures and crayons. Kelly's doing a fantastic job on the sound system for the church and his help is so appreciated by the church! We did get to come home and take it easy for a while, FaceTimed the Walker family! So nice to see all your faces! The celebration for the church was last evening, so Rob picked us up at five thirty. Something they like to do to celebrate is marry some couples who can't afford to get married. When we got into the Toyota he was explaining how one of the grooms told him that if he was going to marry his fiance then they needed to pay him 1000 Goudas! Now that really is not too much money but the fact that he would demand money like that made me SO mad! It made everyone else at the church upset as well! Rob told him he would not marry them and so we had one heartbroken bride. When we pulled up to the church there were people packed in the middle of the road. Rob pulled the truck up beside the gate, locked the doors and turned the car off. He was listening to what everyone was shouting and talking about. Then he turned around and said " Krystle, take your stuff, go into the church and go right up into the guard house". Now I was pretty surprised because we are usually mixed right into the culture with the good and the bad, but of course I listened and went upstairs where George opened up a separate room and Kelly and I were told to stay in there. When we looked out the window there were people everywhere just like usual but then there were little groups here and there with people who were yelling and shouting and fighting. So in the middle of this a teenage girl comes running up the stairs to the guard house and collapses in the corner hyperventilating and crying hysterically. We couldn't get her to stand up or do anything. We finally got some other guys to come and help lift her up and we got her sat down where she then proceeded to pass out. Someone brought a fan up for her and I gave her my water but she would go between waking up hyperventilating back to passing out. I didn't get to find out what happened because Rob got all the people back under control and the wedding started. It was another long one but very nice, they had a whole meal and cake ready for the bride and groom afterwards and Rob drove them home in his Toyota. It turned out to be a nice evening but the beginning was most definitely intense! Kelly's not feeling the best, I'm afraid I passed off my cold to him:/ We are going to stay here at the orphanage today. I'm ironing and mending all of our clothes. Pray that Kelly is feeling better soon! Love and miss you all! Krystle


Anonymous said...

Wow! Krystle & Kelly -What a day you had yesterday! That's why we're trying to surround you with prayer-just when you least expect it something can come up in a heart beat-Thank the Lord for all His help. -proud of you both for the haircut senario. -just trying is worth a lot sometimes. Your dad's post should be kept by both of you for a long time-maybe framed. Missing you & carrying you around in our hearts nite & day. Another snowstorm heading our way. Keep up the good work-Who knows the surprises He has in store for us daily due to His great love for us. Angels are hovering near so sleep tight. Love, G&G P. XXXXXXXXXXOOOOOOOOOOO.

Eric said...

I am so proud of you both. God is doing amazing things through you and Kelly. Nancy and I pray for your safety and protection daily and God continues to anwser that prayer. We will pray for Kelly's health. Tell him that I saw the video of the water flowing from the well. That was awesome. Miss you both.

P.S. Kystle Eva is dancing to the worship music at church :-)


Eric, Nancy, and Eva.

Jake needs a haircut said...

Woah! You two are really on an adventure. Thank the Lord you were kept safe. I think the craziest thing that happened at church this weekend was we ran out of salt for the steps out front lol. I am glad to hear Kelly got his first Haiti haircut, did you use the #2? When you get back home Kelly and I can take turns on each other with the clippers or maybe you can be both of ours barber Krystle. Hope and pray you get well soon Kelly. Your parents did such a good job raising you that Krystle even shares her colds with you, how sweet lol. We love you two and will continue to lift you up in prayer daily, God bless.

Anonymous said...

That is a crazy day Krystle. Glad Rob securd your guys safety, and thats why we pray for you all the time. This has been like reading a book full of action and great things being done for CCC there and its people. I hope Kelly gets ta' feeling better,more praying ta' be done. Your dad had really great post,really heartfelt and very proud of everything you do. I got to see the video of the well pumping water,looks like maybe 3or4 gpm,not sure the PSI,just kidding Kelly. Krystle,stay alert and wear your whistle. Can't wait to hear more of these days in Haiti, this mission you're on. Love John