Monday, January 30, 2012

Pride Rock

Pride is a touchy subject, for it can reap great disaster in our lives. But there is also a form of pride that is good. A form of pride that we are not good at expressing, but good all the same. For it focuses not on ourselves but others. Tonight I am proud, and specifically, proud of my children and the amazing adults they have become. As I have monitored their posts and listened to them share their stories night after night I marvel at what God has done! In the dark days of a brain tumor so many years ago where the price I was deemed to pay was that of my daughter, God performed a miracle of stunning proportions, and in surrendering her to Him, we received her back and then some. All of life experiences are readying us for more life experiences, for the fulfillment of our destiny. As I watch my children in the midst of their journey in Haiti, I marvel at grace, at the power of hope, at the force of love. Who can withstand it's advance, many challenge it, many resist, but what greatness lies ahead for those who dare to trust! Krystle gave Kelly a haircut today, it was a first for both, there was no practice run. She ran the clippers, he let her cut! Dude, that's trust! She is pretty proud and he's pretty happy! And I, well I'm pretty stunned! Just yesterday I was changing diapers and correcting behavior between brother and sister, teaching fair play and proper etiquette, today I find myself interacting with these intelligent, insightful, kind, gentle beings, and reminding myself that they indeed are my children. This is another growth chapter in their lives, and growing they are, but it is also a season of ministry, and they are impacting lives with incredible ease and profound grace. The stories are so many already it is remarkable, but we are approaching 3 weeks that they have now been in country, 2 of them on their own, and they are not just surviving, they are thriving! As many of you have followed our blog and journey into Haiti and supported the outreach you need to know you have been part of the grooming and preparing of two young lives along the way, my children. And at the same time you have helped so many Haitians, you have also helped two young Americans develop and mature into amazing young adults. Give yourself a little pat on the back, give God a note of thanks for making this all possible, and continue to support them with your prayers and kind words. Krystle warned me last night to prepare the spring team, for as she waits outside the airport the first American she sees is going to get a giant bear hug. You can bet I am going to try to be the first! So many things we take for granted, so many things kids have come to expect in our country, we are blessed beyond what we can conceive! They also shared yesterday that whenever we send them to do dishes in the future, they will race to be the first to get the job, because now they say it's going to be soooo easy! Who knows, when they get home, I may be able to just be a couch potato! JK! I wanted to throw this post up for the benefit of all, but especially for my two who are practicing what I have preached all these years, putting others first and daring to risk it all to reach the unfortunate, the impoverished, the hopeless with a hug, a smile, and the gift of time and grace. In the movie 'Lion King 'the story of family is powerful, the place of home represented by 'Pride Rock' is aglow with promise, but again with life we are served the reminder that home is where the heart is. Tonight a part of my home is in Haiti, and great hope resides there because restoration has found a foothold. That foothold is not governments, or money, it is people! And I am proud tonight that in some of that great host I find my two kids working, loving, and being the hand of God extended! Blessings to all from a grateful father!


Anonymous said...

Dear K&BJ-We totally agree! Love, G&G P.

Jake Thomas said...

We have a lot of pride in what Kelly and Krystle are doing for the expansion of the Kingdom in Haiti. We also see what the hand of God can do when it is allowed and encouraged in the upbringing of children. This is of great importance to us as we have our first on the way and we look to the example set before us to copy and hope the harvest we have down the road will be as fruitful for us as it has been for you Pastor ( and Beth). Thanks for your words, we love ya's