Monday, January 23, 2012

Sick (Kelly)

Hey everyone, sorry Krystle and I have not written, we've been busy here trying to catch our footing, and on top of that Krystle has gotten really sick. Church service went really well this morning, it's a little difficult to sit three hours at church when you can't understand a single word spoken during the whole service! So now I don't want to hear any complaining when Pastor Don or my dad or Jake goes over a little in church because at least you can understand them!:) I keep telling the Haitian's that my body might not understand what it hears during the service but God's word is universal, it still feeds our heart and soul so that we come away with our cups full. Tonight Robinson asked if Krystle and I where going to the church conference that was beginning tonight and will go till Saturday, I told him that Krystle was feeling worse this evening then she was this morning when we went to church. He told me that "we need to stay here to rest so that she can start to mend quickly, unlike my father who's still really sick at the moment.;) By the way Eric, so you don't think I'm getting off from running the sound system at home, Robinson has me running the sound system for the church down here pretty much by myself and there is no practice run for Sunday! So I have to pretty much fly by the seat of my pants!!
Keep everyone down here in your prayers, it's going to be a really busy week for everyone, Robinson has a funeral and 2 to 3 weddings to do this week, I'm going to try and start drilling this week along with a couple other projects, and pray that Krystle starts to feel better really quick. Blessings to all from Haiti. Kelly


neil said...

Sorry to hear that Krystal is sick, happy to hear the cup runith over. you will start to understand the services sooner than you may think. how is Ellssiana and my bestest friend in the whole world Charlie doing? i am proud of you both for the work you are doing. God is watching over you both and blessing you, always.

Alisa Gallo said...

Kelly Berg.... I am so proud of you..... As I know many are... Taking care of your lil sister! Glad Rob is keeping you nice and busy :) don't overdo it though! Thank you for the great read... You explained the feeling of sitting through church so well..... You may not know what they are saying... But you sure get the love of God LOUD and CLEAR! Enjoy this time God has given to you and stay encouraged! Love you buddy!

Eric said...

Kelly I am glad to hear that your church sound engineering skills are being sharpened. I would want you to be out of practice when you return home;-)

I will be planning a November trip to Haiti. I have a lot of preparations to make for the radio project. First, I am going to a broadcast conference and trade show in March. I plan to talk with several vendors. My goal is to see what donations and or price breaks I can get for equipment. Be in prayer that God will direct those conversations.

Second, I am filling out paperwork for my passport.

Tell Krystle Nancy and I are praying for her and we hope she feels better soon.

Miss you and will talk with you soon.