Monday, January 16, 2012


Who gets to choose? As we traveled to the mountain and then on to Desdunes today we passed out candy along the roads, and at certain points we stopped. We traveled a little differently than in the past, having the new Toyota on this trip has been a blessing, our budget has run tight, and it allowed us to save money to spend elsewhere. So many needs, so few dollars. I rode on a special deck we built for the Toyota, so I was in the open air all day, while the team rode in air conditioning! But don't feel bad, I have had a cold and determined to spare as many as I could my plight! So I was there by choice. It gave me opportunity to see the country from yet another perspective, and as we dropped candy off and I contemplated my surroundings and so many stark contrasts with my reality, it staggered me at the thought of the magnitude of the work of God in this world. I have studied theology, and have spent my life in ministry, and yet today the complexity of God staggers me. We say 'practice random acts of kindness', and if we controlled the universe, that is the way it would be. But with God there are no random acts. A piece of candy dropping from my hand along a random road, to a random child, in a random country is ordained by a loving God. But isn't that our gripe, our rub with Deity, if you are so loving, why does this suffering and chaos even exist. My great grandfather often repeated the saying: "A God comprehended is no God at all." I often have thought about this across the years of my life, and today, I am profoundly and deeply moved at how God created a being called 'human' and endowed him with choice, unleashed him on this planet knowing we would choose the worse, and still be able to work His grand design. I have listened to theologians wax eloquent, and heard wisdom extolled, but I have yet to hear God fully defined! It cannot be done, we cannot do His job, we are not qualified, for we are finite flesh, none of us can will our days or extend our breath beyond what He declares, and only as we exercise our faith will we be able to function in this amazing world He has created. So every piece of falling candy, every bag of clothes, every yoyo bag passed out today to each of these children served a purpose that I cannot fully fathom, but that God planted in these lives He formed before the world was framed, these who serve a purpose for being here and in so doing have rewritten whole chapters of my life and the lives of all we are allowed to touch! I am so grateful, so very grateful for this journey, for this point of impact today. Hope traveled the countryside today, and hope from the countryside flowed back, the ebb and flow of the tide of life, profound beyond words, continues to point out a incredible, massive, loving God who still chooses to work through feeble man to accomplish His purpose and grand design. While I may not fathom, I beleive! For in the eyes of the weary, the impoverished, and those forsaken by man, I see a loving God unwilling to quit, unwilling to let the least of these go without feeling the touch of His hand. The song says; 'Oh to be His hand extended' and today we were! Amazing! Blessings once again.

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Jake Thomas said...

Then you will shine among them like stars in the sky as you hold firmly to the word of life. And then I will be able to boast on the day of Christ that I did not run or labor in vain.” Philippians 2
Great post again today Pastor, being the extended hand of the God of the universe is awesome. Your labor is not in vain, seeds have been planted, the garden has been tended, harvest time is around the corner, and the feild in Haiti is ripe for the picking of souls. Great to hear that the Toyota is working out well, what a miracle that is in itself. We are going to continue to hold you all up in prayer and await your safe return to MI. God bless, we love you all.