Thursday, March 26, 2009

Aunt Kay

We have a delightful Aunt in the Berg family, her name is Aunt Kay and if she reads this post, she must know what an encouragement she is. They have moved away from where we live now, but I sure miss her sunny personality. So God with His incredible timing sends us on a mission trip with someone just like her! Karen is the essence of delight to have around, I am not sure how discouragement could ever survive in her presence. Her laughter and radiant smile is so uplifting. She is the “encouragement factor” for our team. No matter how tired she becomes, she is never lacking for a smile or a bright word. She shared a devotional thought with the team last night from someone back home, it was stirring and provoking. Dawn Brown, your comments were very inspiring, spoken from experience, they resonated with our souls. Thank you. For all you commenting, it is a great source of encouragement, we read them to everyone last night before the lights went out. It was a good way to fall off to sleep! We are grateful for all your support, without it this could not happen. So back to Aunt Kay (Karen I mean!), she and Rick have been such accommodating and inspiring people to have along. You always know if something needs to be done you can count on them, and yet when things stall, as they frequently do in Haiti:-( they move with the flow and do not exert pressure on an already difficult situation. It takes wise people to keep that in perspective. I feel bad sometimes when they have to just sit and wait, but then I am reminded that these are a people that are constantly sitting and waiting for Hope to come, and often it passes them by. Our light affliction is but for a moment, theirs goes on and on and on! Rick has been up early, early every morning, with the wind and slamming tin next door sleeping is a little difficult, plus the sun comes up early, and the streets fill with activity at a very early hour. Rick goes and sets outside the gate to read his bible, pray, and I think he is soaking in the culture. There is a lot to absorb, let me tell you. We are very blessed to have them along, they are filled with staunch determination, and God uses that to ‘get it done’. The concrete work has commenced, and I am working on getting the well drilling equipment up and running. We will see what the day brings. I am running down after breakfast to get this and last nights final post up for you, and then back to work. Weary but rejoicing, blessings always!

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dspachman said...

I am so glad that Karen can be such a blessing to you as she is to us at Keswick UMC in Suttons Bay. Thank you for taking good care of her as well as Autumn, Noah, Luke, and Rick. We are praying for you and are inspired to hear of the prayers of the Haitian people. We can all learn from their commitment and persistence. May God continue to bless and guide you as you carry out His mission.

Pastor Don