Friday, March 27, 2009


Sorry about the lack of pictures so far, the internet has been really slooooow where we have been going. On top of that I quite frankly have not had time to sit and look at them to pull them off:-(. Will sick Lauren and a couple of the girls on that in the morning and get some up for everyone. Bonswa again.


lil sis said...

Hey everyone - glad to hear that things are going well even though there are challenges. Glad that Mom is sleeping safely in the house with Rob and Naromie. Dad - I miss you and am sure you're working hard. I love you, Mom and Dad. Maura -I'm especially proud of you...I KNEW you would do an incredible job. You are a phenomenal woman. Kel- I know you are doing a great job taking care of everybody and everything...and Bethie...I can just imagine all you are doing...the conversations, the cooking, your big, beautiful smile. I'm sure you are brightening the day wherever you go. Kelly and Krystle - I love you both and am very proud of you.
To the rest of the team...I don't know you all...but am so glad you guys are there willing to give of yourself. You each are an inspiration and a joy...!
Love to all of you...from Cincinnati, OHIO. We love you. xoxo

Sandy said...

Hi Haiti Team,
It is so wonderful to wake up each morning and read a sermon from Doyle! You inspire, teach, convict, inform, encourage, reassure and point all things back to God. I thank you so much for your concern, not only for the individuals on your team, but also for your care of all of us who have sent them. It seemed confusing to me that I could send my teenage daughter to a 3rd world country with people (substitute the word "strangers" here!) I met 4weeks ago. But just as Dawn Brown prayed (over Lauren and the Reyhls in the Tom's parking lot to send them off)..."It is well."

Hi, Lauren. We love you. M & D