Friday, March 27, 2009


We started drilling today. It was a great start this morning. But about 2:30 p.m. the pump threw a rod. It has been a bit of a challenging day since then, but we are working through it. Luke asked me how this all played out with the God thing, I said this really had nothing to do with God, it’s just work now. Things happen when you work, I have learned that through all my years of water well drilling and pastoring. Of course it was to my advantage that I had gone through the pump assembly routine, so in an hour I had the rod pulled. Someone asked what I was going to do, I said “I will go as far as I can, and when I reach the end of what I can do, God will have to do the rest.” Within the hour I held a new rod for the motor in my hands! I still have a timing issue to resolve, but the rod is back in the motor. The first children’s service was today, and the team did great. We had close to 100 children and about 34 adults. Tomorrow the number will be bigger. Maura taught today and did a wonderful job. She has done a terrific job of reaching out and affirming the people here! It was quite hot out today, the breeze stalled for a season, and we baked a little. but what would a journey into Haiti be without experiencing the heat wave. It is still very mild compared to October when we were here. It’s funny how things go full circle sometimes. In October I posted about a dragonfly. A bright green one and wondered at the sight and it’s survival in this land. Two nights ago as we were settling into the tent, someone looked up and saw a bright green dragonfly perched and hanging from the top of the tent over where Rick was sleeping. The next morning when we awoke, it was lying on the ground next to Luke’s mattress. It had not survived the night. It died with it’s color in tack. Bright and shining. It made me remember that us who call ourselves Christians will one day exit this reality, I wonder when we do if our lives will shine a brilliantly as that Dragonfly. As I watched the church worship and pray while I was drilling at noon prayer time, they shined like the noon day sun. I know why we are here, to share the ticket out of this desolation. We are headed to a New Heaven and a New Earth. I hope we are developing good color, that our lives and ministry will glow after we are gone. And when we give these people that message... and they get it, it doesn’t really matter what happens after that. Don’t get me wrong, I am concerned about quality of life or I wouldn’t be here, but the bigger equation is what happens beyond here. Let your light shine today, take a risk, live brightly, die like the Dragonfly, living your life in full color. Days like today expose the color in our lives, how are you doing. You are more blessed today than you can conceive. Everyone is doing well, we pushed harder today as the ministry to the people kicked off with more intensity. I never came to the house until tonight. So now off to the internet for posting and some quick motor info, and then get the team walked over to bed down. I must say again, the comments have been huge in terms of encouragement, and everyone has enjoyed them. I pull them off every day to read when we get quieted down. Thank you for standing by! Blessings and more.


dspachman said...

Hi All,

We are praying for you and as my mother-in-law would say we are "humbly proud" of you as you continue to display the beautiful colors that God shines through your lives. We know that God will help you accomplish all that He has sent you there to do. You will see some of the fruit of your labor this week, but some you will not know until another time. May God continue to provide you with wisdom, peace, and strength as You serve Him and His people in St. Marc!

Pastor Don

Gallo Family said...

Doyle, with the 3 of you well drillers there.... I trust you will figure out whatever it takes to get that well going! I am sure those girls are loving every minute of teaching and connecting with all the kids! Marie says Hello and she's praying for you faithfully! What an additional blessing I have gotten to have with getting to talk to her! I pray for your success with the water! I love you all and we look forward to all the stories. Look forward to seeing some pics. :)