Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Morning brought it's own affliction. Poor Autumn woke up sick. We got her over to the house and bedded her down. We think it's just all the changes, maybe some nerves, we all do our own cover-ups you know. But it's close to noon now and she is up and drinking again, so we think all will be well. Morning brought it's own miracle as well, I woke up staring at a Briggs and Straton Motor just like the one TSA took away from me yesterday morning about the same time! I told you God always goes before us. A little rigging is necessary, but I will make it work. God did His part, now it's time for me to do mine! The guys already have the water on the site to commence drilling so I guess they never lost hope. I always did like the song "Then came the Morning". Just as Jesus rose at the dawn, it seems He breaths a special word into the air each morning as well. We are so blessed! It is cooler here this time of year. Actually pleasant! And as amazing as it may sound, last night we ended up with a tent full of cold people. We had extra sheets at the house, but that was a mile away and I just couldn't bring myself to make one more trip in the middle of the night! So I shivered and slept along with the others! Oh well, in a perfect world, right? An this is far from perfect. Especially here! Thanks for the prayers and support. It has been a little more difficult to blog this trip with so many. It is a large responsibility, and trying to keep everyone working and comfortable at the same time is quite a trip. But God is helping us and we are going to make it. My blogs may be a little clustered and for that I apologize right now. Bear with us, we will report as often as we can. Be blessed today, and a special shout out to my girls Payton and Alexis, your kind words and picture on the plane were medicine from heaven for a very weary pastor!! Thank you!


Gallo Family said...

Wow, how I so forget my problems are so minor.... the girls ended up with a sinus infection. but they too are on the mend! The events of your travel so far are so amazing.... my heart hurt for the fact you were unable to bring that pump, and then for me to read on to know that God still provided! I sit here with Alexis having to expain why I cry with joy for you all! I'm sorry to hear about Jake! That is a bummer! I trust your luck has now turned. We will continue to pray for you all! I hope Rob liked his picture! Alexis was very glad to hear that you saved her letter for the plane ride :) I will read this to payton and I can only imagine how she'll react... with delight! Let Darlene know I'm in the process of updating Marie and sending off my email to NY! God Bless you all this week! Love you

Gallo Family said...

Thank you for wrighting about me and payton in sick.Mommy was reading what you wrote to me.I'm glad I could give you a gift.I look forward to hearing more about your trip.I love you all.


Germaine&NIche said...

Hi everyone it's amazing to be a part of your journey throug this blog. May God strenthen you all. I'm convinced that God works best we are teachable. The situation with the pump assures me His power is made perfect in our weakness. Pastor I know that MUST have been hard to leave the pump, but God ALWAYS gets the glory and saw fit to that! Stay encouraged and savor each moment! Lots of Love

Dillon said...

Hi Haiti team, just got to your blog. I am blessed by knowing that you all are loving the people of Haiti. I long to be there with you.
Mr. Berg, I feel for your journey thus far. I led a team of 15 last year. God made me the most dependent on Him than I have ever been. The hardest journey of my days. You have part of my original team and I know they are very focused on serving any way that the Lord or you guide them to do. They are ready to just hang out with Jesus in Haiti with the people. That is the real purpose anyways. The task will get done in His time. Just like my plumbing project last year at the orpahange. Just ask Lauren.
Thank you for leading, as I know the burden can be heavy on some days for leadership for God. Bless you and know that I am praying for you much! He knows your strengths. Thank you so much.
Lauren and Rhyles, love them to death for me with lots of smiles, hugs, laughter and joy of Jesus. Cry for me too Lauren, because it is not a trip to Haiti without tears of joy, fatigue and saddness. Please make a child's day better for Christ. That is your purpose. I will be praying daily for all of you, Autumm hoping you are ;back to your smiling self. Karen I can hear your laughter with the people of Haiti. Rick, how is the dream for your family coming along? I can ony imagine watching your sons in service, what a joy!!! Love In Chirst, Dawn Brown

Ramona said...

Hi Bergs and all, Thanks for the updates.So good to see how God is so faithful in ALL things. Praying for you all daily. God bless. Ramona and Don.