Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Roper Girl!

Day two is in the box, and we are tired! I was talking to one of the Reyhl boys today and he said he never remembered being as tired and spent and drained emotionally and spiritually as he was last night. We eased the pace today, but tent #2 stands! All the pipes for the sides were the wrong size for what we had prepared for, but a little ingenuity and some elbow grease and a hack saw fixed it! They will commence pouring the concrete tomorrow. And I will be at work getting the pump together and working so we can start drilling for water. Pray we can get a couple of things we need. I need two oil plugs for the engine, had I not been so blind with disappointment yesterday morning, I could have pulled them from the motor that they threw away! I was concentrating on trying to get the pump studs out of the engine and missed the two things I could have pulled with my fingers and taken with me! I will be a little quicker on my feet next time. I have to mention again the great team we are working with. Ready and willing and open to the shifting and changing circumstances, they have forsaken the safe and gentle routine of the American lifestyle to impact these people and share hope. Each one is contributing very special nuances and blessings to this trip! One stands out today partly because it is her birthday, but also because she is just amazing missionary stock. For those of you who know her, Lauren is just a wonderful and committed young lady! You can be proud to call her yours. She is multi-talented, works as hard as the guys, and is plain gifted when it comes to just about everything. She helped put the stove pack together today, but left her greatest mark by making all the special slip knots for the tent. I showed her once and she had it! She was quick, and diligent. So no one even tried to help! I called her the Roper Girl. I think she has been wished Happy Birthday more times today and sung too perhaps more than the whole of her life. She is a treat to have, and she is making her mark. She will always have a place with our teams anytime she chooses to go. Mom and Dad Aprill you are blessed with a special gift in your daughter, and we have been graced to have her along! Thank you. So now supper is cooking, the ladies (and one great young man ‘Luke’ is helping tonight too) are back in food prep mode, and I will tell all you women up there in America, even the littlest kitchen you have is an amazing gift. As you pillow your head tonight, say a little prayer of thanks for the thing you might never think to say thanks for. It is a real chore here when it comes to cooking, and especially for so many. The cool thing is we always seem to have just enough. Karen commented on that today. How good God is and so faithful, I responded by saying these trips help clear our vision on that one! So that is where I will end my blog for now, God is good... all the time! Blessings and Thanksgiving, keep the prayers rolling to heaven!


Aunt Cathy said...

Lauren is my niece. She is an amazing young woman with so many God-given talents. I pray that you experience many more miracles (big and small) and that this trip is safe, productive and memorable. Tell Lauren we had a blizzard in South Dakota. Would love to be there with her as it has to be warmer there than it is here.

Love, Aunt Cathy

lil sis said...

Howdy Haiti team! I am so thrilled to hear that things are turning for the better today. Kel - I am proud of your indomidable spirit...and for choosing HOPE in the midst of difficulty.
We are thinking of you all and praying for you constantly. We are so thrilled that you all are willing to risk SO much to LOVE so BIG! You are all treasures...not just to Jesus - but to all who come in contact with you. LOVING comes with a high price...and I'm so blessed to know people who are willing to pay it. LOVE is worth it all. Mom and Dad - I hope to live like you when I'm 70...I am the luckiest daughter EVER. Bethie - I hope we get to make this trip together one day...! I love and miss you all. Lynn xoxoxoxoxoxo

lil sis said...

Ooooooh - and Happy Birthday, Lauren. Happy Birthday to YOU! :)

jkiessel said...

Hi everyone, we are so thankful to have the updates. We are continuing to pray for all of you. Please tell Autumn that Ben has been especially concerned about you being sick. He always remembers to specifically mention you in his prayers. We will prayer for your strength and endurance. Love, The Kiessels

MitoMac . . . Wendy Helmka said...

Dear Doyle:
It would have been beneficial if you had started your blog with "Hey, Sandy, get a tissue..." (Lauren, we lit your birthday candle at supper last night. Dad offered to sing, but I politely declined on your behalf. Our lives sure changed 17 years ago...for one thing, I wouldn't be "blogging" to Haiti now! Blogging wasn't even a word when you were born!) Thank you, Doyle and Beth, for forming this team, shouldering the struggles, modeling how faith walks, and allowing all of us to share in it.
"Mom and Dad Aprill" (Jeff and Sandy)

Rebecca said...

You really are blessed to have Lauren on your trip she truly is an amazing person. I was part of the Dawn Brown team last year and we were filled with joy, sadness, exhaustion, frustration, and crying all wrapped up into one package. What a joy it is to follow this blog (a part of me thinks I am there with you) each day. I pray for you as you continue your work and smile (Karen it sounds like has the market cornered on smiles)and hug those little children of God in Haiti till it hurts!! Reyhls I hope this trip is everything you have been thinking it would be and more. I can't wait to hear all the stories and see all the pictures (yes all of them) when you get home. One more thing for Lauren I love you!!! Rebecca