Saturday, March 28, 2009


Greetings blog followers. It is Saturday night, and we are trying to bed down early. Ha! We have to be up for church at 5:00 a.m. Pastor Don of the Keswick UMC, you will never be able to cut the Reyhl's slack again for not being to church on time:-) We will see how this works out. We had a delightful time at the house tonight. It is rather small for 13 extra people. But after the team saw George's house in the mountain this morning that I wrote about earlier, this is a small inconvenience as we are out of here in a couple of days. The house was filled with interaction. Rick has commented several times how much he cannot get over the way these people just show up at each others homes and visit. It seems you can never come at a bad time. It is pretty amazing. Rob and Naromie are very special people to put up with so much, and yet as we were riding the motorcycle a few minutes ago I caught Rob chuckling and asked him what he was thinking. He said he is so happy the team is here. That was worth the whole trip. If we can give him that moment of happiness, he is deserving. He has endeared himself to each of the team members this week in his own special way. He is a great man in the midst of such adversity. His is truly a God-anointed life. We need more like him. Luke keeps asking me if I hear 'It'. He is a good reminder to me that in the midst of my business and bustle that I don't lose focus. Luke is the quiet processor among us. He thinks deeply, and his heart is golden. He will do great things for God in his life. Did I mention we have a great team of young people with us. They have served with steadfast enthusiasm. Nothing I ask is met with resistance. They are simply an awesome mix, and delightful as well. They find the positive. Luke keeps me in the reality of this culture, making sure I am hearing the sounds. There are some good ones, and some bad ones, but they must not be missed because whatever they are, here they are real. It's not a show, or a movie that we will walk away from and say that was a great experience. Because this is real, these people are real, and now they are partly our responsibility. We are changed this week. We will not be the same, we will take less for granted, and be more thankful for the little things. The children's ministry went great today. Lauren did a fantastic job on the lesson. The children will always remember Noah and the Ark after today! Blessings on the Lord's day tomorrow. May your worship be heartfelt and sincere. Give someone in your church a special greeting of love and appreciation. Don't take anything for granted in relationships. Linger at the feet of Jesus, and be blessed! Until the next post, many more blessings!


leegrant99 said...

Greetings Reyhl's and team! It is so wonderful to hear about the work on a day to day basis. And the recently posted photos help too. It helps those of us here, to be there with you. In a way, you are our hands and feet as we share this mission with you.
Why, I can just hear Karen's laugh (unmistakeable)even now (well, perhaps not right now as you must all be asleep...). And I can see the intensity in Rick's eyes and hear it in his voice. And please tell Luke, Noah and Autumn that they are in my heart. The postings have really pinpointed their various gifts! I look forward to you all sharing your stories and photos, and seeing the children at Keswick gain greater understanding of what their work during Advent Conspiracy has helped to produce in the world. To the entire team, I thank you for being the hands and feet of Jesus in Haiti for bringing life sustaining water. I will pray for water for the thirsty. I will see the water of life flowing from that well. The Bible teaches us that just as we think and believe, so it will be. And you all have believed. May God bless your work and bless the people of Haiti. And may you bring to all of us here the passion and committment to continue the work (Jesus' work)that needs to be done in the world.
Love to all,

dspachman said...

Greetings Team,

So glad to be able to read the updates and hear what God is doing and what you are learning. You will truly be different people when you return and you are changing and will change our lives as well! I wish I could be with you for worship today. Part of the reason is I'd love to experience it with you. I must be honest, however, I'd also love to be with you because we woke up to 3-4 inches of heavy wet snow and strong winds this morning! You are missing the last snow storm of the season. The winter storm warning suggests up to 6 more inches before we will have a mostly sunny Monday. I'll see who is able to make it out for worship today. I will remember Pastor Doyle's comment about early worship and not be concerned about the Reyhl's making the early service! Please know that we continue to lift you up in prayer and we know that God has great work for us to be involved in, in Haiti and here in Michigan. I am looking forward to continuing to work together with all of you. It's not Easter yet but let me give you a hint: "He's Alive!"

Love in Our Risen Savior,
Pastor Don