Monday, March 30, 2009

Walk Away

What an afternoon! Karen 'mimed' the Jesus story to about 200 children. It was amazing! And the kids loved it. I watched their faces full of wonder and surprise. When our time was done we passed out candy, and special marker pen and paper, and hats to the little girls and rubber bracelet to the boys and older girls. I had them get single file and get their stuff from the team as they went out. We barely had enough, and had some older ones begging for more. It was kind of tough on the team. When the last child had filed away, I had them quickly close the bags and move out. There are times in God's work when you have done all you can and you have to have thick enough skin to 'walk away'. Jesus in Matt. 24:1 did that when He left the temple. Your perspective has to be broader then the immediate equation. To be a missionary, to be missionary minded, you have to at some point be able to let go and 'Let God'. As hard as that can be, it is enough. I was sharing with some of the team again tonight that if the children got the message of Karen's mime, that was the greatest gift we could give. As desperate as they are for water, and food, if their heart is the abiding place of the Almighty, that is enough. I know I already commented on this in another post, but it bears repeating. Getting the Gospel out is the chief goal of this mission trip. All the other stuff is good in it's place. But our tents can't hold the masses, our well when it is drilled can't furnish all the water even our little community needs. More on that later. Just suffice it to say that it will make a difference for a notable amount. But the gospel, now that is another equation. It's impact is far more reaching. Rick managed to get us a copy of the Jesus movie in Haitian creole and we showed it tonight. There must have been 250 people here tonight watching this movie. Rick was moved, and so was I. I had to spend $250.00 for the bulb for this projector to bring it. I almost didn't. I found it on EBay, the factory wanted $400. I walked into the childrens' tent where the team was hanging out for a rest and food and said I had just had my perspective altered again. 250 people, $250.00 = $1.00 dollar apiece to have all those Haitians experience the "Jesus" movie. I wish you could have heard the cheering, the laughter, the joy as they connected with this story. We are praying for great impact. We already laid a plan to take the projector to the mountain, set it up on an open space and show it. Thereby taking the gospel even more directly to them. I was talking to Lauren on the way over to the house tonight, just a few minutes ago. She has been deeply impacted by this trip, the immersion into relationships and culture that this ministry with Robinson allows is spectacular. We have walked this week where these people walk, we have walked as these people walk. In just one more day, we will 'walk away'. It is going to be hard, but I believe in these people, I believe in our mission, the rest is up to God. Thick skin, deep hearts, and great faith will conquer at the end of the day. Let us press on with renewed vigor. May this country be brought to Jesus, and may we have a part. Let it embolden you to give generously, to rejoice in what you have, and may it lead us faithfully to our own mission field right in our back yards! When we have to 'walk away', it is because we are being sent elsewhere to minister for a season. We are not walking out on anyone, when we leave them with God. The danger for most of us is that this is where we fail. Not in walking away, but that when we walk away we have not left them God. Speak freely, speak now! Someone needs Jesus today. Blessing until morning.


Sandy said...

Hi Haiti team...
It is early AM here. I just finished my "God Time." The last verse of my study took my thoughts directly to what you are doing there:

The Spirit and the bride say, "Come!" And let him who hears say, "Come!" Whoever is thirsty, let him come; and whoever wishes, let him take the free gift of the water of life.
Revelation 22:17

Love, Sandy

. . . Wendy Helmka said...

I have been reading your journey ... it is such a fine story. And it is so true, we need to share God Now! we need not wait ... Jesus can be shared everywhere and anytime ... we need not wait ... I'll be on alert to share Jesus today!

Blessings to the whole group ...
"I pray water will flow soon"


Gallo Family said...

I have to say, I have learned alot from people posting, from your stories of the family I have never met before. I hope to meet them one day! :) It's been a struggling week here for me, I have remembered Beth's words to me and I have reached in deep to know that God IS on my side! I think it is awesome what you are doing for the Haitians! It's been such an encouragement following all the posts and all the comments. We continue to pray for you all! Love you guys! Alisa

dspachman said...

Hello All,

Just to let you know that those of us who have been following your story are also sensing the struggle that "we" are "walking away" when the team leaves. Pastor Doyle is right, however, we are not walking away, but moving on to the next mission that God has planned for us here in the Grand Traverse area. And I believe that these missions are inexorably linked to one another. I also believe that when you say your goodbyes you can share the famous words of theologian Arnold Schwarzenegger with them and say, "By God's grace, 'we'll be back!'" We'll be praying for your mission up the mountain and for each of you today. We are looking forward to seeing you in a few days and sharing the story of what God has done and dreaming what God will do in the weeks and months ahead.

Love in Christ,

Pastor Don