Friday, March 20, 2009

Wedding Bells

It's hard to comprehend the flow of life sometimes. All of it's unexpected twists and turns. I just found out that Robinson's associate pastor Valeau is getting married next month. We are going to miss it by about 25 days! I am so happy for him. He had a rough year last year. It ended with the death of his father in December. We had the opportunity to meet most of his family because of it when we were there setting up the tent. He was not around much because of having to make arrangements. And it was a very sad time. He did stop over to the property once and to my surprise I found out that he was courting this very nice young Haitian girl pictured here. Her name is Suzena. I was delighted and surprised when Robinson just informed me that he was getting married! I am so looking forward to being able to congratulate him when we get to St. Marc in a couple of days. He has done a tremendous job of ministry, and has faithfully stayed by Robinson's side through several years of ministry. He has been a constant and loyal friend, and a steady leader in the church. I ask you for your prayers for he and his soon to be bride as they embark on a new life journey together. Their struggles will be countless, but God's grace will be more innumerable. Let us shower their lives with our prayers, that God will bless them, and grant them special help as they pour out their lives to reach their country for Jesus alongside Robinson. Just two more days and we are off. Keep us in your prayers, everyone is almost ready, but the last minute furor continues! Blessings to all.

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