Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Try, try again

My but what a day can bring. In all of my Haiti experiences, I’m not sure I’ve had trials like this day brought. It started early, and seem to never stop. But now it has, we are all bedded down under the tent (church), everyone is exhausted but happy. Music streams from across the street, the wind furls through the side walls of the tent and the breeze is so Caribbean. Cool, soothing, and a welcomed relief from the heat of the day. There are quirks to unravel at about every turn in this expedition. But we are grateful for the opportunity to minister. It was delightful to watch all in the team interact with all the kids and people stopping by the house. Did I mention the girls fed about 35 mouths for supper tonight! I know we come to help change things for these people, but I still think we walk away the ones changed the most. We are walking between the property and Rob’s house, it’s about a mile jaunt. A bit of a challenge for us Americans used to our cars and quick travel, but for these people, it is still a way of life. We are so blessed on so many different levels. Don’t be bogged down by what will one day be revealed to be trite things in life. Rob and I slipped down the street tonight to purchase more water, on the way back my plastic bag broke and a couple of water fell to the ground, I quickly snatched them up took one more swift step into the dark and immersed my foot in a sewer puddle:-(. Under normal circumstances, that would of unnerved me a bit, but after the day I’ve had, it was really quite funny, and several Haitians right close by celebrate my delightful trip into the hazards of their way of life. When we finally arrived back at the church property, they were just getting out of church, and it was a packed house on Tuesday night! What on earth, it is just mind boggling! We watched them go in amazement. They are amazing people! And we’ve gotten the opportunity to join them in their struggles and rejoice with them in little victories. Pray for us as we fight on this week, God is bigger than all these little setbacks, and we will do our best to overcome. Sorry I have not posted like I had hoped, but I will try to do better. It’s just that today was the day that would never end. But now it has, and so has this post! Blessings.

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