Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Ask and you shall receive? Who was it that said that? Oh, right, that was Jesus. Well, we asked and now we are receiving! A team is assembled, the troops have rallied, and we are close to shoving off for our anticipated spring trip. Is time flying or what? We have some gifted and inspiring members of our group this trip, and we are delighted. Expectations are running high as we pack and load. So far we have 14 suitcases full to capacity and exactly 50 lbs. give or take a 1/2 a pound. Enough food for about 35 people per meal while we are there. Along with that are clothes, toys, candy, shoes, mattresses, pillows, crafts, tools, balls, gifts, hats, gloves, pumps, flashlights, and so much more. As we were setting everything out I missed a golden opportunity. I forgot my camera:-(. We had almost 50' of table tops filled with goods! It was a sight to behold. But then we packed all that stuff into 17 suitcases! And that footprint is much smaller that when it is sorted out on tables. We are so grateful for the giving that is making this ministry possible. If you only knew the untold blessings your gifts are raining upon these people. One day you will find out, I'm doing my best to convey it to you through the venue of words, and they fail when it comes to this! Our second tent came today. It arrived with only a little hiccup. We laid out that 21" x 24" top and folded and squeezed and it barely fit into a suitcase. I desperately only wanted to have to pay the overweight fee and not an extra over sized fee. Surrounded with a few doubters but diligent to help, we folded and folded, and behold another miracle, it fit! I am so excited, with God's help I hope to post up a picture before next week is out with that tent full of children learning about Jesus, and being loved and hugged by our team. To sow seeds of hope and love where darkness and poverty abound! That is our mission. Pray for us, for our safety, for expedience as we labor, and for the outreach of the gospel as we touch these lives in this moment. This is something you can believe God for! Blessings again!


Faithe said...

When do you leave...and how long will you be gone? Will your whole family be along? I will be praying for you as you go, and anticipate the reports (and pictures!).

Gallo Family said...

Oh how I can not wait to hear the stories..... I wish we were going with you.... but as you always remind me.. In God's time, not my time :) I'll be patient and await the time that we get to go! :) Please tell Robinson & Naromi we love them and can't wait to make our trip to Haiti some day!