Sunday, March 29, 2009

Cold Sweat

What an awesome day of ministry! This afternoon Rick spoke to the young people and did a great job. I am not sure how many there were, but it was probably his largest crowd of young people ever. He had a question and answer time afterward, and it was very enlightening and energetic. Our whole time with the young people was wild and crazy, but great. Then we put the projector up and ran a slide show of our trip so far. The people loved it. There is an amazing bond that is developing with these people, and it's great for the team as well. There are so many opportunities for ministry. This is such an open door. After the pictures we fired up 'Fireproof' and that too was a huge success. Tomorrow night we are doing the Jesus video. There were so many people around the grounds tonight, it was wonderful. We talked to them a little before showing the film. I wish you could have heard the sounds of laughter that filled the night sky as an amazing truth was driven home. More hope was shared, and we are happy. Only two days left. Wow, time is flying now. A few are struggling with the sniffles. I mentioned before the weather has been a little different, well we all seem to be waking up in cold sweats. Your cold and hot all at the same time. It is strange but true. You would think that our Michigan bodies would be comfortable at 70 degrees, but no, it's not like that. Oh well, just another one of those experiences to chalk up in our lives. Tomorrow morning we will commence drilling again for a while, but I am already making contacts to help finish it if I am not able to get it completed. There are a few things for the rest of the team I need to get done as well to help them get accomplished what they need too. Pray for wisdom for the leader. I wanted so desperately to get the water flowing while I was here, but it seems God might have had a little different time frame and circumstances. It's too early to tell, but we are continuing to push until it is clear we can go no farther. I will tell you with all the breakdowns and setbacks, we have still accomplished much this week. And I am grateful. I must be careful, because I don't mean to sound like I am ungrateful for what has been done. It is nothing short of marvelous! But the team is seeing clearly the need for this water, as you work and labor here, you see the tragedy of the lack of good water. Everything they drink has to be purchased. How would you like it if every time you were thirsty, you had to fork over money. Yikes, that's a stiff one. I can tell you I am doing everything in my power to get this pulled off, and if I don't finish it this week, it will be done shortly. All the material will be here by tomorrow night with the potential exception of 2"couplings. It seemed like it would not be a problem to get couplings if you could buy pipe, but I guess I was wrong on that count! So be it, now I know. Off I go for tonight. Thanks again for following. Until tomorrow, blessings once again.


leegrant99 said...

Greetings Reyhl's, Doyle and team,
I have to say again that reading these postings has really enabled me to start understanding not only the situations in Haiti, but also your work there. As to the well and providing water...while I knew it was not the only good work to be done, I had focused much energy on it. The collection of funds during Keswick's Advent Conspiracy had centered around the great need for clean drinking water for the world's thirsty. It was our goal. But we also tried to "take back the story" of Jesus' birth from the commercial and materialistic craze of the modern world. To put more relationship back into our giving and our living. Because that is so much of Jesus' story, Jesus' life, that 'God so loved us that he gave his only son to us so that we might have life'. And that is so much of what you are doing...yes, getting a well drilled and water to the thirsty, but also giving of yourselves in relationship to others. It so resounds in your postings.
Our small group at Keswick talked with Rick and Karen the night before they left. We prayed for success in their mission for the well, for their safety, and for all of them to have the experience that would help them most to come closer in their relationship with God. I think we also prayed for God's will to guide them. (Now this is where I sometimes find myself lacking in my patience as I so want things to "get done". And it has been hard to be patient with understnding that a lesson I really need to learn is, patience! Hope you're following me here...).
Well, that next day as I talked with Karen at our work before she left, I felt moved to to tell her (not that she needed this reminder) that while I hoped there would be a working well by the time they left Haiti, to remember that it would be okay if that didn't happen right then. I can't really say if this was seeking patience for them or for me! But as you said, there has been so much accomplished in so many ways, that the well itself is not the ending. I feel you have, and are growing relationship that continues as the ministry continues. There's that patience again to trust in God's timing, not mine. I will continue to pray for water for the thirsty and see the well bringing forth it's life
water... May God continue to bless you all and your work!
Love to all,

rileychick said...

Hello Haiti Team! It has been SO great to be able to follow your progress and activities through Doyle's blog. Thanks for your faithfulness, and insightfulness, as you write each day! I am inspired and encouraged to read about the God-happenings of each day, whether it is a planned event or a lesson learned. This morning as I read your blog and Lee's response, the Lord brought to mind John 7:37,38 which says,

On the last and greatest day of the Feast, Jesus stood and said in a loud voice, "If anyone is thirsty, let him come to me and drink. Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, streams of living water will flow from within him."

I can't help but notice that Jesus stood and said this in a loud voice -- He wanted to make sure everyone around heard about what he was offering them . . . eternal life!

While the people you are working with and for are surely desperate for fresh water, many of them are also dying for the living water that only Jesus offers. While I continue to pray that the well will be completed before you leave, I am also praying that you will have many opportunities to proclaim loudly (with your words, your life, and through the Jesus film tonight) the gospel message to the people there!

Yesterday Pastor Don spoke from Colossians 3:12-17, and at one point shared this quote from Dwight Moody:

"Out of 100 people, only 1 will read the Bible. The other 99 will read the Christian."

What a great challenge for all of us! Our very lives are proclaiming loudly what it means to be a Christ follower. Be encouraged that your very being there speaks volumes to the Haitian people about the love and hope Jesus offers. Let Him use your life, and your words, to bring "living water" to the people there. And yes, we continue to pray for literal water to flow there as well!
Love and prayers,

lil sis said...

Good morning Haiti team! It's beautiful and sunny here....and I just wanted to log on to say that YOU guys are loved. I'm sure you're feeling tired to one degree or another....and there are still many opportunities left. I pray and hope for you to embrace every moment be present...and to let LOVE spill out of you. Have a great day today. Give Mom Pickett a big squeeze...(Kel - I'd love to hear a funny story...I'm sure there are many...)Love to all of you.

dspachman said...

Hello All,

Sounds like you had a great time on Sunday in worship and in later sharing with the youth. I've told Rick before to make sure he is listening to what God is calling him to do! I know your work and witness for Christ will make a difference. The awesome thing is that the difference will be made now in this life and because of Jesus in the life to come! May each of you be open to what God is saying to you as your time on this trip is coming to an end. Know you are in our hearts, our thoughts, and our prayers.

Pastor Don

ashelton said...

I am reminded of an earlier situation---We give all that we can without hesitation or expectation of reciprocation not only because we are faith abiding Christians but because the cause of greater good far exceeds our own self gratification. God speed to you all!