Sunday, March 29, 2009


We were in church by about 7:00 a.m. this morning. And had walked two miles to get there! I’m sure you Americans rolled out of the sack, threw on a pot of coffee, walked in and turned on a warm bath or shower, dried your hair, hit the remote start and rode off in a warm vehicle to church with great difficulty. And then to arrive at church and find out the power company had cut the power last night (to the whole city by the way). Talk about demanding board members, and frustrated pastors. Well, that is everything we did and didn’t have this morning. We actually showed up about one hour after service started. It was funny, Kelly came storming up to the children’s tent at 5:15 and said; “There are people in there already for church.” Talk about showing up early for church. People in my congregation, including me sometimes can’t make it by 10:00! On another note this team of ours just keeps on amazing me. We have hit on all 13 cylinders the whole journey. Thirteen people, one bathroom. There was never a harsh word, or even a look this morning. These are incredible people. We preached on Psalm 130 this morning. One of Martin Luther’s favorite. The title was 'David’s Song'. We talked about desperation prayers, sin ownership, and the patience of hope. Quite the subject matter in Haiti. It seemed to go well with the interpreter. The people responded the best they ever have to my speaking. That was a plus for me! The children’s tent was full of kids today. Simply amazing that we could set the tent on Wednesday, pour a floor, and pack the place on Sunday!!! God is good. I can’t help saying that. We have had lunch, caught a little snooze, and will be off to the young people’s service here in a few. Rick will be talking to them today. He has been a real inspiration to me. Not too many dad’s out there with the courage to gather their family and ride off into the sunset on spring break to a missions trip? He has given his family perhaps the greatest gift he could ever give. The gift of perspective. Our great country has become so steeped in materialism, that we are disconnected from real need, nor do we even understand what it is. Rick to me is the greatest kind of father. I am not sure of his expectations out of this trip, but the rewards for his family will last a lifetime. We have treasured their input, and cherished their support. His words to the young people will be great! We are doing the “Fireproof” movie tonight. It should be a great evening. The journey is closing fast now. Time moves on, and it is a bit threatening. Already several are commenting that we cannot stay away a whole year. We will have to see what God’s plan is though, we seek to abide in His timing. However it just goes to show the terms of endearment of these people to one’s heart. It grabs you and doesn’t let go. One of the benefits of our trips is the high level of interaction with the people themselves, and that is a most life-changing thing. Will try to post again later. Blessings for now.


lil sis said...

Missing you all and thinking about you every day. I hope today was a fulfilling day for all of you. We are all doing well here in Cinci....thankful for LIFE, LOVE, and for HOPE. And we are thankful for people. I am realizing daily that we as a "church" do not value people....plain ole we should. I love humans...both their good and bad...and so does Jesus. I think HE really likes us... Just like we are...wherever we are. Things are troubling in Haiti...things are troubling in Cincinnati and Traverse City. But we all get to choose to LOVE, to LIVE, and to HOPE. Our hope is in HIM...but we need each other to keep going. We need people.
I am thankful for each of you....just as you are....wherever you are. Thanks for being YOU...and displaying Jesus however you can...TODAY. You are world changers. Much love from Cinci....

Dillon said...

Hi Haiti team, thank you pastor Doyle for your words that paint a picture I so visualize with serving God in Haiti. The Haitian disciples have such a deep conviction and thanksgiving to Jesus, with absolutely "nothing" according to our American ways. Such a beautiful and alive faith. I am always amazed at the perseverence of the Haitian people's faith. I could never figure out how they walk out of a 6x6 simple home without running water or electrictity with white pressed shirts as white as the clouds and women walking in high heals across the rocky roads in their bonnets. With anticipation and a little smile on their heart What a glorious sight to see the Sabath so cherished in a community with so little. I have always been tremendously blessed on Sundays in Haiti. We rush and complain about the incoveniences of church in America. Sad reality of a modernized country.
My heart is filled with joy for you and your team and yet a quiet saddness and a litle envious of how God is using you in such blessed ways. I miss going to serve this in this most honorable way, yet God really needed me to be still and let His will be done in my life. So thank you for sharing and blessing my friends in a way that I could not this year. I agree they are truly amazing servants.
Like I often said to encourage my 12 year old son in Haiti, make the most of each day as if there is no tomorrow. If you can bring joy to just one person that day for God, do it with all you have. Show them Jesus living in your heart and out of everything else you do they will remember your joy for the Lord. You can always offer love, and this I extend to you and the team across the miles. So looking forward to meeting you,
Love in Him, Dawn