Saturday, March 28, 2009

Promised Pictures

The children at craft time.

The children's service yesterday rewarded our team with many of these kinds of faces. What a payback! The smile of a child: Priceless!

The cast and crew to make the floor of the children's tent a reality for tomorrow morning!

Finishing the floor of the children's tent. The adult floor is finished smooth for easy cleaning, the children's floor is textured so they don't slip and fall to spare them from harm!

The 'woman factor', they know they work as hard as us guys, here's proof!

Luke at work mixing concrete.

Nightly food serve, fed almost 30 this night.

George (night guardsman) and Daughter who Bob and Darlene are putting through school this year.

Lauren and Parnel


Aunt Cathy said...

Thanks for posting the pictures. I know it's comforting to see the smiling faces (right, Sandy?). Your team and those lives that you touch are in my prayers, along with keeping the engine running!! Continues blessing.

Cathy Weber

. . . Wendy Helmka said...

It's great to see the pictures ... and George the night guard with his daughter ... I'm like Cathy, it is such an honor to be able to follow this blog and keep you all prayerfully in mind ... and your circumstances. Keeping the engine alive ... soon, I pray very soon you will have a well! Lauren it is good to see you with a smile on your face, I pray that your heart is filling up with BLESSINGS that will last forever! Love you all ... Wendy