Tuesday, December 9, 2008


It feels like we just did this, and now we are doing it again! Please let us get it right this time? Wow did 3:30 a.m. come quick! We are up and dashing, but wanted to post quickly that Tuesday has started on time so far. It was a short night, but we are all up and in good spirits. Running on adrenaline of course, but running all the same. D-day has arrived.
Be praying for a smooth entrance into Haiti and smooth skies as a couple of our travelers get motion sickness, we take tablets for that of course, but smooth flights help a lot. Going to get the bags down and get to our delivery van. Just wanted to let you all know we are formerly underway again!
Someone said have fun, we'll try! Got to roll with the punches and count our blessings no matter what our circumstances right? Right! Look at me, 4:00 a.m. and I am posting? What's wrong with this picture? Oh, that right, were having fun! But our mission is serious, and our goals clear. Pray for the best this week! Blessings always.

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