Friday, December 12, 2008


That means doll in French. It was said of Krystle several times yesterday. When people looked inside the truck and saw her their expressions were funny to behold. Wide eyed amazement. It was hilarious. Robinson and Naromie were laughing as well. But I told them she was our doll. The kids are once again doing very well. Had a couple of nick’s and bumps along the way this time, but so far so good. Krystle caught one of the stakes the first day before we had protection on them and scraped herself really good, not deep but ugly! Beth got something in her eye yesterday and it has been slow to go away. She has had to wear Kelly's sunglasses! Imagine that, we caught it on camera! I feel bad for her, but she is doing okay, just cannot wear her contacts right now. We will be sure to bring glasses next time. Good eye protection is important in the windy season down here. Never quite understood what Robinson meant when he said windy season is harder. But it is. It's colder, and the dust is constantly dancing in the air. They get sick very easily right now, just like we do in the winter. Got to run and grab lunch and get back to the property. Going to take over the sound system and lighten up the atmosphere with some Selah! The floor should be done tonight. We just unloaded another truck of hand guys! My well drilling ditch digging expertise came in handy! It's hotter today, so sweating quite a bit. Blessings to all!

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shannon said...

glad your alright! beth you look like a movie star in those shades. so neat to see the progress.