Thursday, December 11, 2008


They say a picture is worth a thousand words. What was it you meant to buy for your kids for Christmas this year? How about a tire! This little boy was as cute as can be, but there is no way you were going to get his pride and joy away from him. I wonder how our children would react to such a gift? I am afraid we are spoiling them without meaning too. As you gather for Christmas this year, maybe you could print off this picture, or ask me for a copy, to remind them of just how blessed they are. And could you ask them to say an extra prayer for the underprivileged children of Haiti. The simple prayers of children are known to move great obstacles because of their great and profound faith unhindered and tarnished by the shattered dreams and disappointments associated with our brokenness achieved through our propensity to sin. Let them pray for a child in this desolate country, God hears those prayers and that does affect the destiny of these kids. The power of a protective prayer has yet to be fully measured. Krystle is proof of that! Blessings.

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lil sis said...

Hey Kel - you must be there right now uploading the posts. I had just left a comment...and then 2 more posts just appeared. heeeee heeeee. It made me giddy. Loads of love to all of you. We are so excited at all you guys are getting to experience. Amazing. Just amazing.