Thursday, December 11, 2008


Have you seen the new LED flashlights? They sell them at Sam’s in a two pack. I bought a set for Krystle and Beth for our trip down here. They are awesome! We arrived in Port very late last night and had to travel all the way to St. Marc in the dark. I knew we were in trouble when Robinson started the truck and I saw only one headlight pointed straight up in the air. He had two vehicles there and fortunately the one that was his had both headlights working. But we didn’t ride in that one, and it didn’t take long for us to be separated. So out came the amazing K-2 flashlight to help light the way. It was an awesome guy moment! I had carpel tunnel by the time we arrived at the house some 2 ½ hours later, but we could see! I will not take vehicle lights for granted ever again! Remind me of that if I forget! We are safely in St. Marc. The weather is much cooler than last time. I actually had to get out our winter coats in the middle of the night because everyone was cold. Imagine that. It’s 19 degrees at home and my family was cold at 65? Oh well. I am glad for the reprieve. Everything arrived and we didn’t even get checked in customs. It was a hoot, but a good one. I was a little concerned that they would find the sound system or the brand new generator and would be paying big bucks, but we went through without a second glance. A favor served by a very late plane and a lot of unhappy Haitians! Will write more later, blessings to all!

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