Thursday, December 11, 2008


Well, some things have gone extraordinarily well. Others… well, remind me I am in Haiti. The power is so low right now that the Internet store is down to one machine, and it is hardly working. I have tried now three times to post, the first night we were to late, today at noon they were too busy, and tonight the machine wouldn’t recognize my USB drive, so early in the morning, I am planning to run down there with my machine and upload all my posts. So to my faithful readers, my apologies! But welcome to a bit of my world while I am here; hurry up and wait! Except today, it went American smooth!!! Ah, could I have ever dreamed I would say that in this county.
It was funny tonight as we were walking back from the Internet store; I went to turn to the way we always come except tonight. Robinson called out; “wrong way” and I chuckled and said we are creatures of habit. How quickly I had formed that one. And then it settled on me how quick we are to pick up on habits, and then how hard they are to let go of. Being here in Haiti forces me away from some of my customary habits, and I get to review them from a different angle. Let me caution all of us to be guarded about ruts and routines. They can become very dangerous things! And what is really scary, we don’t get many chances to take a hard look at them. So as we enter the Christmas season, I ask you to take a look inside, and see if the goodness that God means to flow from your life is trapped behind the guise of a confining habit! Let go, break it, and get on with your life.
You and I may be ordinary people, but God uses us in extraordinary ways. We seldom get to see it, for His invisible camera is recording it. We don’t get to see it from our perspective very often, but it is happening all the same! May we be loosed of those entrapment's, and freed to really worship and serve our Creator! May God bless your day today!


Germaine&NIche said...

We are so blessed to be a part of this journey. What an encouragement your posts have been. It's easy to caught up in life and I'm thankful for the reminder of who God is. He has been faitfull and that gives me the courage to be faithful to Him. We'll continue to pray and thank you all for your dedication to serving Him.

Gallo Family said...

So good to see things are going well! I was so excited to see the pictures this visit!!! Your journey does give us a chance to reflect and remember we to need to take a look at our lives and do an inventory sometimes! Thank you and please give Rob Rob a hug from the Gallo Family!

lil sis said...

So great to get all of your posts tonight...and see the pics. We are so happy for you all and glad to see the tent up. Hugs to Rob Rob, Naromi, and all 4 of you! :) I'm going to call Mom and help her get a post up. xoxoxoxoxoxo Goodnight...and a lot of love.