Saturday, December 13, 2008

Press On

We are airborne back to the U.S. Hard to believe three days has slipped into the history books! This picture of Krystle tells all. We are very, very weary. It was sad to tell Robinson good-bye again this morning, but it was different for me this time. I told him, we built it, it is now time for him to fill it. He said, “Yes, it is my job, now is the time.”
There is a real sense of accomplishment that has settled in my heart. There is more to do, and we will ‘Press On’. But at the same time, this is a real milestone in this ministry. And great fruit is being harvested. Already the children from the mountain are coming in the droves, pressing against the fence to see the new church. I believe that Robinson is right. No matter how big we build it, he can fill it. So many people, so many hearts needing hope, and their country holds very little. We encountered numerous wonderful and amazing people. I am not certain what the future holds for them, but I am willing to run this journey to see what part is ours to play in God’s great scheme of life. He has opened so many doors that I am not about to start walking past the open ones. Hopefully we can get into Chicago tonight and hit the road to home. I hear there is some more winter weather headed our way. I was glad to not have to work in the snow this week! It was pretty good working weather. Going to run, blessings!

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