Thursday, December 11, 2008


Don’t let the title throw you. But I stood back from a distance tonight in the dark and observed the culmination of several years of hard labor on the part of so many, and realized the dawning of our vision that we have pressed for hard and long. We went much farther today than I dreamed, tonight the lights were on and the sound system blowing music high into the night air. To watch these people in their excitement was extraordinary.
When I finished the light chain across the top of the tent it was dark, many hands around handing me tools, me crimping and tying wires together. When I finished the last end, I was hoping I had not missed a joint or two, you know, the failed Christmas light string syndrome! But I plugged it in and a shout went up as the light pierced the night, much like what our work here is doing! Not many get to experience such rapture, such fulfillment. I am dead on my feet, but happier than any man could be. A miracle happened tonight. Our visions came to pass, and I mean all of us and you who have waited so patiently and saved and skimped to give all that change, all those bottles, all those yard sale items, those who have written big and small checks across the years because we believed in the work of God through a young Haitian man who has served so faithfully. Not once has he succumbed to defeat, our surrendered to discouragement. And here God comes, marching in marvelous light, and the streets leading up to the mountains now have a new sound, the sound of the church rejoicing. How is it that where Robinson labor so faithfully, should he see such great fruit! Let us not be weary in well doing, let your hearts beat with joy tonight, great and wonderful things have come to pass, the likes of what we have not been able to observe on a day to day basis. So as you go about what seems to you an insignificant day-to-day routine, remember sometimes it is a culmination of years of faith and believing. We have become accustomed to getting what we want right now, how much sweeter it is when aged by God, and then served on a glorious platter one warm evening in the dark landscape of Haiti. Yes, I have realized a vision, I have dreamed a dream, and it has come to pass. Is there more? I am certain! But what a stunning beginning! Rejoice! Blessings to all, and to all a good night.

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