Sunday, December 14, 2008


It's amazing how you can accomplish great moments and feats in life only to succumb to some pathetic, trite human emotion. The enemy of our souls never quits in trying to cause us to fail on some level or another in our lives, even in the pinnacle of success, even when that success is in something as good as our endeavor the last 3 days. I am posting this because I am again reminded of the tenor of the battle we are in in this life, and also to shed light on the significance of the weakness of our human constitution. We are all a little edgy tonight, of course it is almost 1:00 a.m., but what does that have to do with anything! We just had a little family pow-wow and I shared with them that just because we do good for a few days, doesn't mean that now we can take a break or give in to the temporary frustration of getting home, travel weariness, and coming down from such a high moment. We have to sustain and maintain our composure after the fireworks are over. There follows a bit of a let down after a rush like the last few days, and we need to stay a steady course. It's a good lesson for all of us to remember, soldiers die even in battles they ultimately win. The traps are set well and hidden in unexpected places, we must constantly be on guard. So if you feel a little frustrated with a circumstance where it seems you have applied such good force, remember this little lesson, even when the outcome is good, you still may suffer the fatigue of the battle, and succumb to the draining of emotions. To that end I ask you to continue to pray, especially for the kids. They have seen much and experienced even more in the last couple of months, for that matter we all have. Pray we steady ourselves, pray for their joy lamps to burn brighter, and that their energy is replaced quickly. I am proud of the way they have performed under such pressure. Our CCC family in Haiti loves them to pieces. Matter of fact, Kelly was sporting one of those testing teenage moments last night and Beth threatened to leave him with Naromie, she eagerly accepted the idea, and said she would be more than happy to keep him! Go figure! We are settled in for the night, too weary to finish the trip tonight, so will get home tomorrow afternoon. Looking forward to seeing everyone, will miss the A.M. service, but we will be back in the saddle quickly. Pray for Robinson and family as well, he has to teach Sunday School, preach the morning service and get the whole church to Valeau's father's funeral tomorrow afternoon out in the countryside. He was in bed tonight when I called, and I could hear the weariness in his voice as well. He would appreciate your prayers over the next few days as they finish the move and get situated. Blessings again and always!

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