Friday, December 12, 2008


Everything in life needs mainstays, and the church ranks near the top. With the new property here in Haiti holding the tent and things of value, we now have to have a guard who will stay when everyone else is gone. When the lights go out, and the sound stops, and the people leave, and the excitement depletes, someone has to stay behind in the dark to tend the security of the new church. It is not a glamorous job, there are not a lot of at-a-boys, or high fives, not even many words of praise or thanks. But that doesn’t matter to George, his calling is higher and nobler than to be governed by what people think or don’t think about him. He is on a mission to serve God on a level few understand. He and his family will stand guard over the property. He is a remarkable man, and he has caught my eye. Unlike many serving in our church, he has never come to meet me, or shake my hand, or live in the limelight. He is just the opposite; he is behind the scenes, laboring hard to do the next difficult job. Whenever there was a stake to drive, or dirt to shovel, or greasing of the gate track, or moving a wheelbarrow, George is there. People wonder when I sleep. I wonder when George sleeps. These are the people God counts on. These are critical people for pastors; these are critical people for the church. You don’t need to have personality plus, or a great voice, or extraordinary beauty, or a college degree to make a huge difference in the lives of those around you. You just need the steadiness and faithfulness to show up and do the next right thing. Pray for George and his family. Pray we are able to get the guardhouse built right away so that his family can stay with him at the property. Pray that he does not weary in well doing. Pray for more George’s! And might you consider today what it is God needs from you! God doesn’t need just a few good men; God is looking to have everyone in their place in His grand work! May we live to see the revival of the army of the George’s, the army that rises to shake the world with love, and compassion, and steadfastness, who will guard the door houses of God’s work with diligence and understanding. An army who will safe keep the next generation and show them the way of the kingdom, blazing a trail, and bringing about the dawning of a new day! May God bless all of the George’s of the world today! Blessings.

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MDJ said...

Dear Kids-Am here at last with Lyn's help-Read Ps. 37-"delight I cried when saw the pic of the tent up! Praise the Lord! We're hardly able to contain ourselves. Hugs for each one -& Rob & N. too. Glad it's cooler & coats were with you. Sarabeth is beautiful. Lots & lots of gorgeous white falling down---Praying over you. Love, MDJ & Dad.