Thursday, December 11, 2008


Hurray! The tent is up. It took us 2 hours this morning, and we got the tent up into the air! It is awesome. We had a lot of help, and many hands make light work. We have a few stakes to reset and the sidewalls to put up. The church down here has raised enough money to put down a concrete floor, so the mason will meet us after lunch to square that away. I am feeling much better having it up. No matter what they are set now. If I don’t get another thing done, I am confident they can get it from here. We are going to try to get the side in place and the electrical run for the lights yet this afternoon. I worked late into the night last night getting the sound system put all back together and everything organized. A refresher on the tent set-up this morning and we were off. The entire tent was carried over to the property by hand and wheelbarrow. They are such hard workers. We could stand a little more of their work ethic back in the U.S. Thank you for your prayers, it is paying off. We have been surrounded by onlookers! The children from the 7th Day Adventist school next door have been gathered on the second and third floors of the school and have been a continual stream of chatter. It is hilarious! And fun! We are getting lots of pictures. Beth was so focused on getting pictures that she missed getting the initial raising of the tent on video. I’ll forgive her… later!!:-) We are grabbing lunch and going to go drop this at the Internet shop. Will try to post more later, much to say but little time right now. Blessings.

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