Thursday, December 11, 2008


We are ready for concrete in the morning. The forms are all set. We will work all day mixing concrete and pouring a floor in the tent. I cannot express to you the excitement on the street with our property and the people. It is almost surreal to be part of this moment with them. They have been thwarted all through their lives so often and so much, they cannot believe this is happening, and so quickly! Because we are pouring a floor, it will not be ready for a service tomorrow night so we will not be able to share a service with them this time. I was hoping to do a little dedication service with them before we left Saturday morning, but it is not working out. However, I am all right with that, I have been so blessed to get so much done in such a short time, I cannot complain. I am almost giddy with joy at what has happened, I couldn’t be unhappy if I tried. It takes a lot to make a 44 year old giddy by the way! We have worked our tails off, but God has gone before us, from the weather, to the set up of the tent, to the work on the land, it is a true wonder to behold! Thank you again for prevailing in prayer; you just cannot imagine how God has delivered the goods this time. For all our frustrating and disappointing endeavors on our last trip in, it has gone the other way so vastly this time it is too much to comprehend!
The other thing is that time has flown by this trip! We are at Thursday night already, we only have a day and a few hours left and we are flying home. I hear we are coming back to lots and lots of white stuff☹. My son will be delighted, but the weather here has cooperated very well for us this time. It has been hot, but not stifling! We have been able to keep a steady pace from sun up to sun down. It’s been great! I keep having them ask, pastor, when do you rest, you never stop working! I tell them nighttime is rest time, and I will be able to rest forever in heaven, now is the time to get things done, the sun is up, it is day, and people need Jesus! Blessings for tonight!

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