Friday, December 12, 2008


Whoa, where do I begin? There is no way to put on paper what we have encountered the last three days but the faithfulness of God. Robinson had to pray for the town crusade tonight, so we went to central park St. Marc and in that huge open space there must have been 2000-3000 people on a Friday night not hanging out at the movies, but coming to worship from every church in the city. Robinson said the Billy Graham of Haiti is preaching, but we couldn’t stay for that. But I must tell you; it was amazing sitting up there in the Gazebo surrounded by all those people, and watching how far God has brought our remarkable Haitian pastor! Never under estimate the power of God to take a life from the most terrible of circumstances and raise it up to be a nation changer!
We left the crusade early because we had left the kids at the property running the sound system and my iphone for the masons who were finishing the floor. Did I tell you we are surrounded by an army of amazing people, they take such great care of us, and we have done our best to take good care of them. When we arrived back at the property Selah was playing on the sound system blasting into the night sky “Great is Thy Faithfulness”, the masons were gone, the floor was finished, I knelt at the edge board and nearly wept. I could not have imagined that we would be able to accomplish so much in so short a time. I have sweat more than all summer combined I think, but it was worth every drenched moment. I just commented to Robinson that he knows his country, and I know it a little, I think God just performed a three-day miracle. He said, yes, I think so. I know so! A worship center in three days, we may not be “Extreme Home Makeover”, but we with God’s help moved a mountain. And it was nothing short of His Amazing Grace! I need to get to the Internet store quickly, then we must pack, 4:30 a.m. will come early, our flight out is at 11:35 a.m. so we must still press on. But again, though the body is weary, the soul sings tonight! A marvelous trip, and a miracle has happened. Their first service will be a week from Sunday, there is just a little more prep, and the concrete needs to cure out, but they will be in for Christmas, and that was my deepest hope. Merry Christmas CCC Haiti! And thank you again to all who made this moment possible for this ministry and this committed young man. God goes before him and we get to tag along on the journey. Blessings until tomorrow. Good night to all.

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