Thursday, December 11, 2008


Here is our pride and joy. When we were here last trip her mother was still pregnant with her, and she was breech. She was taken C-section on Saturday after Thanksgiving. We were asking about the details from Robinson, and when we asked about the name, he gave us instruction that the mother wanted us to name her baby. What an honor, and this is the name we picked. It has a Bible name which is what they asked for, as well as a little of Beth and Krystle thrown in.
We drove four hours this afternoon to see her. We were there for about 20 minutes, we also stopped and got to meet Naromie’s mother. What a treat that was! She is a delightful and loving woman. The baby is beautiful as you can see from the pictures. Mom’s, I have to tell you, there was no crib, no flowers on the wall, no nursery, no mobiles, nothing but a bedroom that mom and baby are sharing. And the mother (Ynives) is recuperating from the C-section still. We delivered a Moses basket and several donated clothes as well as a few things Beth put together in a baby package. We made a very happy family. Please don’t take the goodness of our country for granted. We are so very, very blessed.
Another delightful aspect of this run this afternoon was that it took us right through the miles and miles of rice fields. What a sight, the new crops are coming on strong, and the price of rice has fallen here like the price of gasoline in the States. It is down from $675.00 Haitian to $125.00 for a 10 can bag, (whatever that is!) The price is dropping dramatically. Some ray of hope dawns! The rice fields are beautiful. The government has opened the water to the fields and they are growing quickly. You talk about a political nightmare, imagine the government in complete control of your crops, let us be reminded that a strong government makes for a weak nation! Blessings always.


Germaine&NIche said...

Ok I want to know how the heck you got Beth to leave that precious little girl after 20 minutes!!?? Beth that must have been the most difficult part of the trip!!

Gallo Family said...

What a beautiful Baby! I can only imagine the look on you and Beth's face..... I remember it when you saw Payton.... and this baby is such a miracle baby..... oh what a blessing that you got to see them both! sounds like things are going nicely! Tell them all we send our love!

lil sis said...

Oh my goodness - I cannot believe how beautiful she is. And she LOOKS like "Sarabeth". How perfect! A TRUE princess - just like my sister and my niece! I love you guys SO much. So glad to hear that everything is going well. Mom and I had fun trying to get her post up. We created a new yahoo account for she could pick a new password. :) She's an absolute HOOT! Love to you all.

shannon said...

i just love her! she is so pretty. so glad you got to meet her. i wish you could pack her up and bring her home with you. as i am sure the thought crossed your mind beth.glad things have gone well. i have been praying nightly for you! love you all. thanks for posting everything glad to see the baby!